What did Jordan do to Angel in forged by fire?

What did Jordan do to Angel in forged by fire?

Jordan physically abuses the whole family and sexually abuses Angel. He helps his family in times of illness but only when he feels like it. When Monique is recovering from her accident, he gets her drugs and has her wash them down with beer so he won’t have to deal with her.

What sickness did Angel get in forged by fire?

Angel is sick with chicken pox and has to stay home from school. Jordan skips work and offers to watch her. While still recovering, Angel wakes up to find Jordan sitting on her bed. She begs him not to touch her, but he claims he only wants to inspect how she’s healing.

Who took care of Gerald after the fire?

One day, when she goes out to score some drugs, Gerald finds her cigarette lighter and plays with it. He ends up accidentally setting fire to the apartment. Monique is sent to jail over the incident, and Gerald is sent to live with his Aunt Queen, who treats him very well.

How old was Gerald at the end of forged by fire?

His mother, Monique, is an addict who beats him and neglects him. One night, Monique leaves him home alone and three-year-old Gerald accidently sets a fire in the apartment. After the fire, the family decides that Gerald will live with his mother’s aunt, Aunt Queen.

Why do Angel and Gerald decide not to call the police in Chapter 20?

Why do Angel and Gerald decide not to call the police in Chapter 20? They are afraid Jordan will hurt them. They know no one will believe it. They need the money and don’t think they have enough proof.

Why did Sharon Draper write Tears of a Tiger?

The author’s purpose of writing this novel is to show what depression can lead to and how not to let others influence you to make bad decisions as there are ways to solve an issue without attempting life threatening decisions. Tears of Tiger by Sharon M. Draper takes place at Hazelwood high school in America.

What advice does Mr Washington give Gerald about Jordan?

What advice did mr. washington tell gerald give about jordan? to watch him and to keep a diary of all of his activities.

What does Ms Blackwell compare poetry to?

We learn that Keisha is worried about Andy and his behavioral change after Rob’s death. What does Ms. Blackwell compare poetry too? Rap music. What is Andy referring to in his poem when he says, “The storm clouds are forming/upon the peaceful sea”?

How old is Gerald in forged by fire?

Forged By Fire Studyguide STUDY Flashcards Learn Write Spell Test PLAY Match Gravity Created by larti246 Terms in this set (63) Gerald is the main character. Describe him. He is smart, strong, loyal, has justice, brave, and protective off his sister. How old is Gerald when the story begins? He is 3 years old.

How did Gerald feel when Angel came to his room?

Gerald felt very unpowerful, but when Angel came into his room, he gained a little control which made him safe and relieved. What did Jordan do to Angel when they were alone?

Who is the main character in forged by fire?

Gerald is the main character in Forged by Fire. Gerald is a kid with a troubled past and a troubled future. Born in Cincinnati and raised by his drug abusing mother Gerald was never put on the right foot. It did not help that Gerald’s dad left before he even got to know him.

What is the setting of forged by fire?

Forged by Fire focuses on the life of Gerald Nickelby, a young African American boy, and his struggles with physical and emotional abuse. Gerald lives with his mother in Cincinnati, Ohio. His mother, Monique, is an addict who beats him and neglects him.