What conditions are treated by a urologist?

What conditions are treated by a urologist?

10 Conditions Your Urologist Treats

  • Kidney Stones. Kidney stones are a buildup of minerals and salts that harden inside the kidneys.
  • Enlarged Prostate.
  • Prostate Cancer.
  • Urinary Incontinence.
  • Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Urinary Tract Infections.
  • Male Infertility.
  • Vasectomy.

Why would a patient see a urologist?

Reasons you might see a urologist Trouble urinating (peeing), including getting started or having a strong flow of urine, pain, cloudy urine or blood in the urine. Changes in urination, like frequent urination or feeling like you always have to go. Trouble getting or keeping an erection. Infertility.

When should you worry about urologist?

Men commonly seek a urologist if they have blood in the urine, kidney stones, difficulties emptying their bladder or an elevated PSA. A prostate-specific antigen, or PSA, is a protein found in the blood that, at elevated levels, may indicate prostate cancer.

When should a female see a urologist?

One of the top reasons a woman would see a urologist is for the diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract infections (UTIs). According to the Urology Care Foundation, UTIs cause more than 8.1 million visits to health care providers each year and 60 of those cases are women.

What’s painful bladder syndrome?

Painful bladder syndrome (PBS) is a condition that causes bladder pain, pressure, or discomfort. Some people feel the need to urinate frequently or rush to get to the bathroom. The symptoms range from mild to severe and can happen sometimes or all the time.

What are the specialty areas for urologists?

Some urologists narrow their specialty to one area of care, such as things like cancer, women’s urology, children’s urology, male infertility, sexual health, kidney stones, or reconstructive urology. Urologists must pass an exam and earn board certification from the American Board of Urology.

Why choose urology clinics of North Texas?

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How to find a good doctor for urology consultation?

Zocdoc is a free online service that helps patients find doctors for Urology Consultation and book appointments instantly. You can search for doctors for Urology Consultation or any other visit reason. Then, enter your desired appointment location and choose your insurance plan.

How to find a urologist in Long Island?

Zocdoc is a free online service that helps patients find Urologists in Long Island and book appointments instantly. You can search for Long Island Urologists by symptom or visit reason. Then, choose your insurance plan.