What clutch does KTM use?

What clutch does KTM use?

Clutch models. There are two types of KTM/Husky/GasGas hydraulic clutches. First, the 450 four-strokes and 250/300 two-strokes come with the Belleville-washer-operated DDS (Damped Diaphragm System) clutch. It has a rubber-damped cush hub inside to lessen the jolt when the more powerful engines hit.

How long do KTM clutch plates last?

If you’re not trashing it either from abuse or more “extreme” riding, they should last 500 hours or so. I’ve got 800 hours on my bike and I’ve replaced them once.

What is a DDS clutch KTM?

The KTM DDS clutch incorporates rubber bumpers into the basket/inner-hub interface to take the jolt out of aggressive clutch use and gear changes. Without a doubt, the KTM 450SXF DDS clutch is a durable, long-lasting and self-adjusting clutch. The only other KTM to use the DDS clutch is the 250SX two-stroke.

What does a clutch kit do on a dirt bike?

The clutch springs force the pressure plate to squeeze the friction and drive plates together, causing the clutch basket and inner hub to synchronize.

When did KTM start hydraulic clutches?

KTM first introduced hydraulic clutches on its motocross models in 1998, and by 2000 all of its full-size motocross bikes were using the system.

Can you use brake fluid in KTM clutch?

No brake fluid in the clutch. [EDIT: Ignore this “Plain old mineral oil or maybe the fancy Magura mineral oil. Otherwise just use the cheap mineral oil from CVS or your pharmacy of choice.” ]

How do you know if your clutch is bad on a motorcycle?

To tell if your motorcycle clutch is bad, you’ll need to look for signs such as unexplained high revs and lowered gas mileage. Other signs of a bad clutch may also include a stuck clutch lever, hard shifts accompanied by a clunking sound or jerk, and difficulty getting the motorcycle to shift gears.

What is a clake clutch?

The Clake One Light Clutch is an innovative Australian manufactured product that can reduce your clutch pull by up to 75% without using extra lever travel or leverage. It allows effortless single finger use of the clutch lever for extra grip on your handlebars and more control in rough terrain.

How do I know if my clutch is bad on my bike?