What class should Tharja be?

What class should Tharja be?

Tharja Stat Growth Information At A Glance

Class HP Skl
Sorcerer 85 40
Dark Knight 90 40
Knight 90 40
General 90 40

What race is maribelle?

Maribelle (born Marie Kwakman; 4 April 1960 in Volendam) is a Dutch singer, best known for her participation in the 1984 Eurovision Song Contest.

Is Tharja better as a sorcerer or Dark Knight?

Base Class Though Tharja may need some catching up to do by the time she is recruited, she has the ability to use Dark Tomes, which can be useful. Tharja can perform well as both a Sorcerer and a Dark Knight. As a Sorcerer, she is slightly stronger magic wise, but unfortunately still has fairly low Skill.

What does the name maribelle mean?

In Latin Baby Names the meaning of the name Maribelle is: Beautiful Marie. Blend of Mari and Belle.

Can you recruit Tharja?

Tharja has Nosferatu upon her recruitment, which can be a good relief weapon in case she takes a beating. Four chapters after her recruitment, she will be able to wield as many of these as she can, as Carrion Isle begins to sell them. Tharja can perform well as both a Sorcerer and a Dark Knight.

Should Sumia be a Falcon Knight or dark flier?

Nevertheless, Sumia as a Falcon Knight has its perks of slightly higher speed and skill caps over Dark Flier. Furthermore, her access to Healtouch from the Cleric line makes her capable in healing, in addition to the class’s Lancefaire skill padding her offensive capability.

How good is sumia as a war cleric?

As a War Cleric, Sumia is as strong as Lissa, but is faster and has higher skill. The biggest gift from this class is Renewal, which should be on her regardless of her ultimate class since Relief alone is not useful in tight gameplay.

Is sumia a good character?

Sumia has a decently high base Speed of 39, which can be greatly improved with a good boon and merges, allowing her to still compete in the Speed-based metagame. Sumia’s Flower Lance is an incredibly powerful and underrated refine, which changes the game for her.

What does sumia mean in Fire Emblem Awakening?

Sumia (Japanese: スミア Smia) is a playable character in Fire Emblem Awakening. She is a klutz, and because of this thinks little of herself. She has the unusual ability to understand the feelings of animals. Sumia first appears at the start of chapter 2, as one of the members of the Shepherds Lissa introduces Robin to.