What can I make with Crayola Model Magic?

What can I make with Crayola Model Magic?

Create a diorama by molding shapes from Model Magic® and gluing them to the inside of a shoe box.

  • Mask. To add more color to your creations, you can paint dry Model Magic®.
  • Vase. Wrap Model Magic® around a plastic cup or empty plastic bottle.
  • Jewelry.
  • Mosaic.

How do you make animals with Crayola Model Magic?

Roll two Model Magic balls. Or wrap Model Magic around two small balls of foil or plastic caps. Press the balls together to create a head and body. Adjust the size so your critter looks like the animal in your imagination.

Can you add water to Crayola Model Magic?

CRAYOLA MODEL MAGIC modeling compound is not waterproof. In fact, water will have a negative effect on the product.

Can you add glitter to Model Magic?

Stunning Sparkle and Shine Take your Model Magic artwork to a whole new level by adding a cool glitter or metallic finish. The glaze protects air-dried creations while making them shimmer and shine.

Can you glaze Model Magic?

SPECIAL EFFECTS: A special Model Magic sculpture deserves a great finish. Give it a way to shine on the shelf with Model Magic Glossy Glaze. KIDS CAN DO IT: Easy-to-use Glossy Glaze can be applied with a brush, helping kids learn eye-hand control. They’ll be so proud of their shiny new creations.

Does Model Magic get hard?

Crayola Model Magic is a lightweight, nontoxic modeling compound that is easy for artists to form and shape. It begins to dry permanently when exposed to air. Unlike Air-Dry Clay, Model Magic does not dry to a hard solid, rather it becomes a foam-like, but is not pliable.

Can I paint Model Magic?

Dry Model Magic compound can be painted with Crayola Watercolor, Tempera, Acrylic, and washable paints or decorated with Crayola Markers. Wet Model Magic can be colored with watercolor and markers, however, the colors will be lighter than those applied to dried compound and the pieces may take longer to dry.