What bands do they play on octane?

What bands do they play on octane?

Uncensored new hard rock from bands like Shinedown, Five Finger Death Punch, Bring Me The Horizon, I Prevail, Nothing More, Motionless In White, Asking Alexandria, Slipknot, and more!

What happened to Kayla on Sirius Octane?

According to the Instagram post made by the guitarist Welch, Riley will be leaving the show on August 14. In the Instagram post, Welch mentioned that Riley had worked at SiriusXM for18 years with a lot of passion and dedication. The guitarist wished her good luck for her future post her retirement from the show.

What channel is octane on SiriusXM?

Octane is an Active Rock radio station on Sirius XM Satellite Radio channel 37 (previously 20) and Dish Network channel 6037.

What is Shannon Gunz real name?

Shannon Turner
Arizona native Gunz was born Shannon Turner in Prescott and grew up in Chino Valley.

What does XM stands for?

Acronym Definition
XM Extended Module (music file extension)
XM Experimental Model (US Army)
XM Cross Memory
XM Excel Macro Virus

What channel is Octane on?

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Who is the director of programming at SiriusXM?

Mangin is a director of programming at SiriusXM, working on Liquid Metal, Ozzy’s Boneyard, and Octane.

What is Chris Jericho’s Octane show?

Twice a month, wrestling legend and Fozzy singer, Chris Jericho, hosts his own show on SiriusXM’s Octane. The Rock Of Jericho features a curated hour of Jericho’s favorite hard rock and heavy metal songs.

How do I listen to SXM radio?

You can listen on your connected device, on the app, or with our web player I have a portable SXM Radio Select Onyx Series Radio Stratus Series Radio Lynx Radio Other Sirius Radio Other SiriusXM Radio Other XM Radio Select a radio. submit Skip Navigation Menu Menu What’s On Browse Content Channel Guide Music Sports