What are the travel options that O2 provide?

What are the travel options that O2 provide?

If you’re travelling to Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Monaco or Switzerland, you can stay connected with O2 Travel Pay As You Go. For £1.99 a day, you’ll get 100MB data. Calls back to the UK and within these five countries cost 4p a minute. It’s free to receive calls.

How do I activate my O2 travel inclusive?

If you want to opt-in to O2 Travel, just text TRAVELON to 21300 to activate. It can take up to 24hrs to be applied to your account. It’s free to sign up and we’ll only charge you for the days you actually use data while you’re away. Alternatively, to opt out of O2 Travel you can text TRAVELOFF to 21300.

Can I use my O2 bundle abroad?

If you’re travelling within selected destinations in Europe, your allowances and charges will work just like they do in the UK. So if you buy one of our Big Bundles, your minutes, texts and data can be used in the UK and the rest of our Pay As You Go Europe Zone.

How much does O2 charge for international calls?

1p per minute
You can make calls to international mobiles and landlines from just 1p per minute with our International Bolt On.

What is O2 travel inclusive zone?

The O2 Travel Inclusive Zone Bolt On, included with selected O2 Refresh and sim only tariffs, lets you roam in 75 destinations at no extra cost. Your data, minutes and text allowances will work in our Europe Zone, just like they do at home.

Can I use my data abroad?

Every major cell phone company has some sort of international roaming option. These range from excellent to extortionate and are your easiest (though not often best) option. If your carrier is T-Mobile, Sprint, or Google Project Fi, you’re covered with some kind of unlimited data in most countries around the world.

What countries does O2 cover?

With our O2 Travel Inclusive Zone Bolt On, available on selected O2 Refresh and sim only tariffs, you can get inclusive data roaming in 27 international destinations….O2 Travel in our Inclusive Zone.

Argentina Honduras
Australia Madagascar
Botswana Mexico
Canada Myanmar
Chile New Zealand

Can I use pay as you go abroad?

Roaming with Pay As You Go Use your phone like you do at home, at no extra cost, on Pay As You Go plans. There are over 40 countries included in our Europe Zone. When travelling within any of these countries, you can make calls and texts like you would in the UK.

What is O2 Travel inclusive zone?

Can I use O2 in America?

O2 have just announced that its adding 27 more destinations that you can use your phone in, without any extra charge. This means that O2 will now let you use your phone to roam in a total of 75 countries all around the globe – including America, Australia and New Zealand.

Can I use my O2 phone in Egypt?

It will work but the costs are very high in Egypt. Have a look at this link and scroll down to the ‘Rest of the World’ Zone 3 and 6 countries. If you are monthly contract download TuGo and use it over wifi in Egypt to use your UK allowances.

What countries does o2 cover?

How much is the O2 travel inclusive zone?

And if you’re going beyond our Inclusive Zone you can still subscribe to our full O2 Travel Bolt On for £4.99 a day in selected destinations. You’ll get a daily allowance of 120 minutes and 120 texts, and data, when you roam in our O2 Travel Inclusive Zone.

How does O2 travel work when I’m on holiday?

If you’re travelling within our Europe Zone, your minutes, data (subject to a fair usage limit) and texts will work just as the do at home. If you’re travelling outside of our Europe Zone, then O2 Travel is the perfect way to stay connected when you’re on holiday. It lets you use the internet while you’re away, without worrying about overspending.

How much data do I use on O2 travel?

If you’re not eligible, you can still pay a single, fixed daily rate for O2 Travel. That’ll get you the 120 minutes, 120 texts and all the data you need. There’s no upper usage limit on data, but data speeds might vary.

How long does it take for O2 travel to be applied?

It can take up to 24 hours for O2 Travel to be applied to your account. Our O2 Travel Bolt On is the perfect way to stay connected if you’re travelling outside of our Europe Zone. It costs £4.99 a day in selected destinations outside Europe.