What are the predictions for NFL Week 17?

What are the predictions for NFL Week 17?

NFL picks, predictions for Week 17: Chiefs fend off Bengals; Raiders upset Colts; Ravens rebound

  • Pick: Eagles 28, Washington 22.
  • Pick: Panthers 23, Saints 20.
  • Pick: Buccaneers 38, Jets 12.
  • Pick: Titans 24, Dolphins 21.
  • Pick: Patriots 30, Jaguars 14.
  • Pick: Raiders 28, Colts 27.
  • Pick: Chiefs 31, Bengals 24.

What is the Sunday night game for Week 17?

The Sunday night game on NBC is Vikings-Packers and the Monday night game on ESPN is Browns-Steelers.

Can the Steelers make the playoffs?

The Steelers now have a 99% chance to make the playoffs.

Will the NFL Flex Week 17?

In Week 17, in order to ensure a Sunday night game with playoff implications, the decision to move the start time may be made on six days notice. “Flexible scheduling” will be used in Weeks 11-18. Additionally, in Weeks 5-10, flexible scheduling may be used in no more than two weeks.

What happened in Week 16 of the NFL season?

Week 16 was a wild one in the NFL. The Steelers, specifically Ben Roethlisberger, rediscovered their ability to move the ball and score points just in the nick of time, rallying past the Colts and winning the AFC North as a result.

Can a 6-10 team win the NFC East in Week 17?

Multiple playoff spots are up for grabs in Week 17, and there is a very good chance that, for just the second time in league history, an 11-5 team will not qualify. On the flip side, there’s a very real chance that a 6-10 team wins the NFC East.

How many NFL players have 7+ sacks in 10 straight seasons?

-Cameron Jordan’s two sacks last week made him just the fourth player since 2000 (Jared Allen, Robert Mathis, and Julius Peppers) with 7+ sacks in 10 straight seasons.

What was so special about the Texans’win last week?

There was nothing particularly groundbreaking about last week’s surprise win. The Texans simply executed the basics more effectively. Rex Burkhead was able to get the run game going thanks to consistent blocking from a makeshift offensive line. Combine this with Mills’ efficiency in the passing game and the offense finally clicked.