What are the parts of vertical blinds called?

What are the parts of vertical blinds called?

Vertical Blind Parts

  • B – Valance Corner.
  • D – Valance Clip.
  • E – Bracket.
  • F – Nut & Bolt.
  • G – Extension Bracket.
  • H – Screws.
  • I – Push Nut / Star Washer.
  • J – Idle End.

Are all vertical blind fittings the same?

If yours looks the same (one or two holes are fine) then yes they will fit. Some of our hangers have two holes. One above the other. The top one can be snipped off with scissors if required but for the vast majority of vertical blinds this isn’t necessary.

Can you fit your own vertical blinds?

You can fit the vertical blinds in different ways depending on the available space and your own preference. By using separately available spacer brackets you can also fit the top rail of the blind free-standing at any desired height.

What parts can be replaced in a vertical blind system?

The main parts which can be replaced easily are Replacement Vertical Blind Slats, Cord Weight, Vertical Blind Bottom Link Chain, Top Fix Brackets, Face Fix Brackets, Vertical Blind Weights, Plastic Chain Connectors, Vertical Blind Cord, Top Hangers and complete Vertical Blind Headrails.

Where do we deliver vertical blind spares and blind parts?

We Deliver Vertical Blind Spares and Blind Parts Throughout the UK Europe and Worldwide.

What are vertical blinds?

Need New Blinds? Vertical blinds have vinyl, fabric or wood vanes, also known as slats, which hang from top to bottom. These vanes rotate clockwise and counter clockwise to open and close.

How many links does a vertical blind chain have?

This Blind Chain has clip connectors which attach to the bottom weight. The chain goes on both sides of the louvre. So if you wish to link 30 slats you require 60 links. 100 Links will link 50 louvres. Quality White Deluxe Vertical Blind Chain which is easy to fit comes with 100 links. Suitable for 127 mm (5″) width Slats.