What are the exports of Assam?

What are the exports of Assam?

Tea is the major item of export from Assam. Apart from Tea, Petroleum products, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical products, Textiles, Food products and Agro and Horticulture produces, ornamental fishes, Agar oil, etc also exported from the state.

What does Assam import and export?

Export and import of assam

Sl Products Quantity
1 Potato 527000
2 Onions 122000
3 Vegetables 331000
4 Papaya 16000

Where is the Export Promotion Industrial Park in Assam?

Explanation: Assam industrial development corporation has implemented an export promotion industrial park at amingaon near Guwahati in the district of kamrup.

What was the mode of exchange in trade and commerce during the Middle Age of Assam?

Regular, weekly and fortnightly markets as well as fairs from time to time were held throughout Assam where the traders purchased with their goods for sale. In the business community which was included the whole-sellers, retailers and brokers; they all had a flourishing business.

What is the major product of Assam?

Tea is the major item of export from Assam. Apart from tea, petroleum products, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, textiles, food products and agro and horticulture produces, ornamental fish, Agar oil are also exported from the state.

What is the economy of Assam?

The Economy of Assam is largely agriculture based with 69% of the population engaged in it….Economy of Assam.

GDP ₹4.09 lakh crore (US$54 billion) (2020–21)
GDP rank 17th
GDP growth 8.5% (2019-20 est.)
GDP per capita ₹119,155 (US$1,600) (2019–20)

Where does Assam export tea?

Total Product 1944

Date Indian Port Country
21-Nov-2016 kolkata sea united states
21-Nov-2016 kolkata sea united arab emirates
21-Nov-2016 kolkata sea china
21-Nov-2016 delhi air cargo japan

What is Export Promotion Industrial Park?

The Export Promotion Industrial Park, also known as EPIP, is a multiple-product export processing zone in Bihar and East India developed by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Government of Bihar, and by the administrative body BIADA located in Hajipur, the zonal headquarter of the East Central Railway Zone.

What items did people trade for in the Middle Ages?

Tradesmen called merchants commonly traded items such as salt, iron and textiles. There were also rarer items, such as silk and spices, that came from trades in China and the Middle East. With time, craftsmen produced cloth, made shoes, became brewers (beer makers), made glass and shaped stones for buildings.

What was traded before money?

Before money existed, people used other systems to perform exchanges. Bartering involves a direct trade for goods and services. Although some aspects of this transaction are similar to the exchange of money, bartering required time as people hammered out the terms of the deal.

What are the major cash crops of Assam?

Assam produces both food and cash crops. While the principal food crops include rice, maize, pulses, potato, wheat, etc., the chief cash crops are tea, jute, oilseeds, sugarcane, cotton and tobacco.

Is Assam a rich state?

With 32.67 percent, Assam is the poorest state in the Northeast, following after Nagaland (10th with 25.23 percent), Arunachal Pradesh (11th with 24.27 percent), Manipur (14th with 17.89 percent), Tripura (16th with 16.65 percent), and Mizoram (17th with 16.65 percent) (22nd with 9.80 percent ).