What are the dimensions of a slow pitch softball field?

What are the dimensions of a slow pitch softball field?

In adult slowpitch softball, the field dimensions are: Distance between bases: 65 feet (19.81 metres). Pitching distance: 50 feet (15.24 metres). Minimum outfield distance: 275 feet (83.82 metres).

How far apart are bases in 8u softball?

60 feet
Bases shall be 60 feet apart for games using the 12-inch ball and 65 feet for games using the 11-inch ball. b. (F.P.) The rear tip of home plate and the front edge of the pitcher’s plate shall be 43 feet for female fast pitch softball and 46 feet for male fast pitch softball.

How far is home to 2nd 10U softball?

The 10U Softball Diamond In that diamond configuration, second base is 84 feet, 10 inches from home plate.

How big is a softball field in square feet?


Field Type Pitch Dist. Skinned Area (ft sq)
College 43 ft 8,500
High School Fast Pitch 43 ft 8,500
Female 40 ft 8,500
Male 46 ft 8,500

How far apart are the bases in slow pitch softball?

slow pitch rules. The typical distance between the bases for a softball field is 60 feet. The distance from Pitchers Mound to Home Plate vary by age and type of softball field also. For adult slow pitch this distance can range from 35 to 53 feet.

Can you steal bases in 8U softball?

“Runners shall not lead-off or steal bases. A runner is out for leaving the base before the ball is hit or reaches home plate.”

What is 11U softball?

The 11U Category In the USSSA 11U category, the pitching distance moves from 35 feet to 40 feet. The ball increases in size from 11 inches to 12 inches. The infield fly rule comes into effect at 11U but doesn’t apply at 10U and younger. When the catcher drops a third strike at 10U, the batter is out.

How far is the throw from 3rd to 1st in softball?

If you plan on using your field for college softball games, then you’ll need to make sure you follow these specifications: Home plate to first and third bases: Both of these lanes should be a distance of 60 feet from the back tip of home plate to the base.

What are the softball field dimensions?

The new project will construct a 500-seat, lighted 210-by-360-foot artificial turf field for the two sports on land where the district’s current softball field is located near the St. Johnsville Housing Authority. The current natural grass fields have increasingly struggled with drainage and soccer is played on a field with limited dimensions.

How far away are the bases in 12U softball?

What is the distance between bases in softball? Generally, the distance between base paths on fields for 12-year-olds and below in baseball and in all divisions of softball is 60 feet. A local Little League board of directors may opt to use a 50-foot diamond in the Tee Ball divisions.

What size softball for 12U?

The ball size will remain at 12 inches for the remainder of a softball players career as well. The only rule change players making the transition from 12U to 14U and beyond is that additional three feet from the mound. 14U will bring better competition as players are introduced to playing for and against club teams.

What are the dimensions of a high school softball field?

– Under 10: 35 foot distance – Ages 10-12: 40 foot distance – Ages 12+: 43 foot distance