What are the 21 major bones?

What are the 21 major bones?

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  • carpals. the bones of the wrist.
  • clavicle. a bone of the shoulder that links the scapula and sternum, also called collarbone.
  • coccyx. a small bone that joins with the sacrum and that forms the end of the spinal column.
  • cranium.
  • femur.
  • fibula.
  • humerus.
  • metacarpals.

What are the 22 major bones?

A collection of 22 bones, the skull protects the all-important brain and supports the other soft tissues of the head….Cranial Bones

  • Frontal bone.
  • Two parietal bones.
  • Two temporal bones.
  • Occipital bone.
  • Ethmoid bone.
  • Sphenoid bone.

Which part of the body has 24 bones?

Vertebral column The first 24 are all vertebrae, followed by the sacrum and coccyx (tailbone). The 24 vertebrae can be further divided into the: Cervical vertebrae. These seven bones are found in the head and neck.

What is zygoma bone?

The zygomatic bone (or zygoma) is a paired, irregular bone that defines the anterior and lateral portions of the face. The zygomatic complex is involved in the protection of the contents of the orbit and the contour of the face and cheeks.[1]

Which part of the human body has the most bones?

– Tarsus/Tarsals Calcaneus or heel bone (2) Talus (2) Navicular bone (2) Medial cuneiform bone (2) Intermediate cuneiform bone (2) Lateral cuneiform bone (2) Cuboid bone (2) – Metatarsals (10) – Phalanges of the foot Proximal phalanges (10) Intermediate phalanges (8) Distal phalanges (10)

What are the ten common bones in the human body?

mandible, maxilla (2), palatine (2), zygomatic (2), nasal (2), lacrimal (2), vomer, inferior nasal conchae (2) Ear bones (6): malleus (2), incus (2), stapes (2) Throat bones (1): hyoid. Bones below the head: Shoulder bones (4): shoulder blade (2), collarbone (2) (also called the clavicle) Thorax bones (25):

How many bones are in a normal human body?

Total number of bones in a normal human body has been calculated to be 206, which is less than that found in newborn babies. The reduction in number is due to fusion of bones. One thing to consider is that this number, 206, varies. Polydactyly patients can have extra bones due to the extra fingers.

What are the three smallest bones in the human body?

Smallest Bone in the Human Body. At 3 mm x 2.5 mm, the “stapes” in the middle ear is the smallest named bone in the human body. The shape of a stirrup, this bone is one of three in the middle ear, collectively known as the ossicles. The ossicles convey sound pressure waves from the outer ear (and ear drum) to the inner ear, where the waves are translated into nerve impulses that go to the brain for identification.