What are Suntour forks made of?

What are Suntour forks made of?

Forks are made from a combination of materials. Lowers can be made from magnesium or aluminum. Stanchions, crowns and steerer tubes are either a>luminum or chromoly. Coil sprung forks use either steel or titanium springs.

Is suntour compatible with Shimano?

The Suntour cassettes mounting is not compatible with Shimano or Campy. The Suntour cassette 7 speed spacing is the same as Shimano.

Is Suntour compatible with Shimano?

Is Suntour good brand?

The higher-level Suntour forks and shocks are very good. Don’t judge them by the bottom budget forks. I’d actually put them up there with Fox and RS on quality.

How does SR SunTour improve the performance of its fork?

Another way SR Suntour has sought to improve reliability and performance are the bleeders found on the fork legs. If you’re regularly riding at different elevations or just want to press the bleeders to let any air out of your system, like other high-end race forks on the market, the Durolux bleeders make a noticeable difference.

What is the SR SunTour durolux Equalizer system?

The real star of the show on the new Durolux is SR Suntour’s new Equalizer System. By equalizing the rider’s weight to the spring curve, the system creates a customized feel that optimizes sag and volume control. The end result is a fork that has a coil spring feel while maintaining a progressive and easy to adjust air spring package.

Should I buy a Duro Fork?

If you have enough money I would advise you to go for something better (marzocchi dj, 55, depending if you ride DJ or freeride) but if haven’t, Duro is a really great fork for it’s price! Can take a beating. Enough travel. Won’t bottom out on 4 metre drops.

Is SR SunTour a good brand?

The goal was for us to have and ride it for several months and conduct a long term review as SR Suntour is well-renowned for their durable and long-lasting products that are user friendly and easy to service.