What are some good April Fools pranks?

What are some good April Fools pranks?

Higher education. Considering how hard they work,teachers always deserve the last laugh.

  • Coffee talk. Depending on how dependent your April Fools’ prank recipient is on their morning coffee,we’ll admit this joke is borderline cruel.
  • PB&laughs.
  • Doesn’t compute.
  • Silly sucker.
  • Bug alert.
  • Soup-y shower.
  • Delivery day.
  • Mirror,mirror.
  • Candy ants.
  • What are some funny April Fool jokes?

    Funny April Fool Jokes for Kids. A fool got into a bus on 1st April. When conductor asked for ticket, he gave Rs.10/- and took the ticket. After taking the ticket, he screamed, “April Fool! I have a pass.” Funny April Fool Day Jokes on Friends. If you’re not fool then press F13. April Fool Jokes on Girlfriend in English

    What are some good April Fools jokes?

    Toilet Shock Print out a life-size photo of a face.

  • Leaky Cup Use a pin to make some holes in a paper cup,near the top.
  • Noisy Car Fasten a balloon over the tail-pipe of someone’s car.
  • Wet Door This classic prank involves filling a paper cup with water and placing it on top of a slightly open door.
  • What are pranks on April Fools Day?

    Find a small radio,set it to a station guaranteed to piss off any sane person,then put the volume on low.

  • Remove a ceiling tile from above your victim’s desk.
  • Hide the radio inside,then replace the tile.
  • Keep denying that you hear any noise. “No,I still don’t hear anything. You sure you’re okay?”
  • What are some of the best April Fools jokes?

    Pasta grows on trees. On April 1,1957,the BBC TV show “Panorama” ran a segment about the Swiss spaghetti harvest,enjoying a “bumper year” thanks to mild weather

  • The fastest pitcher of all time. George Plimpton,always a wry writer,invented the tale of Mets pitcher Siddhartha “Sidd” Finch for Sports Illustrated.
  • Redefining pi.
  • What are the best pranks ever?

    I don’t want the lame ones like I trashed my Sister’s room. I want ones where they walk straight into the prank and had no idea what was coming at them. To be honest, my prank was a little lame but I was dying

    What are some good prank ideas?

    Prank Virtual Reality Glasses That Stain the Face. This prank is to take the glasses virtual reality of our friend or brothers and sisters without being aware of

  • Pranking Shoes Narrow. For this prank we will do a few balls using some sheets of paper and without being aware we will fill the tip of the
  • Broken Break-up Prank.
  • Prank Bath Paper Tail