What are some common Russian phrases?

What are some common Russian phrases?

Essential Russian Phrases

  • Yes – Да (da)
  • No – Нет (nyet)
  • Please – Пожалуйста (poZHAlusta)
  • Thank you – Спасибо (spaSIbo)
  • You’re welcome. – Не за что. ( ne za chto)
  • Enjoy (often used instead of “you’re welcome” for food) – на здоровье (na zdaROVye)
  • I’m sorry. – Прошу прощения. (
  • Excuse me. – Извините. (

What is the most Russian thing to say?

Top 10 Russian phrases and sentences you need to know

  1. Доброе утро. = Good morning.
  2. Добрый день. = Good afternoon.
  3. Меня зовут Мандли. = My name is Mondly.
  4. Рад познакомиться с тобой. = I’m pleased to meet you.
  5. Как дела? = How are you?
  6. Хорошо, спасибо. А у вас?
  7. Я хотел бы пива. = I’d like a beer.
  8. Прошу прощения.

How do you say no in Russian politely?

The Polite No: Нет, спасибо (No, thank you)

What are basic Russian words?

Basic Russian Words and Phrases That Are Vital to Learn

  • Hello – Здравствуй [Zdra stvooytye]
  • Hi (informal) – Привет
  • Bye – Пока [Pa-ka]
  • How are you? – Как поживаешь? [Kak pazhivayesh?]
  • Good morning – Доброе утро [Dobraye ootro]
  • Good afternoon – Добрый день [Dobriy-den]
  • Good evening – Добрый вечер [Dobriy-vyecher]

What is Nyet Russian?

nyet (uncountable) A no; a negative response (in a Russian context).

What does DA Nyet mean?

yes no; but no
Да нет Pronunciation: da NYET. Translation: yes no; but no; not really.

What is slang for Russian people?

Russki, Russky and Russkies are slang words for Russians, derived from the Russian word for “Russians”, русские. They may also refer to citizens of Russia regardless of ethnic background. The terms may also refer to: Russky Island, an island off Vladivostok, Russia.

How many conversational phrases and words in Russian do you have?

In this post you’ll find a short selection of the 100+ conversational phrases and words in Russian I have available as part of a downloadable PDF that you can get by entering your email in the box below. Happy Russian language learning! как дела? How are you? Как вас зовут? What’s your name? Каковы ваши планы в эти выходные?

How to start a basic conversation in Russian?

Russian Phrases To Use To Start A Basic Conversation As in many languages, in Russian, there are words that mean “hello”. In Russian, these are the formal “zdrastvuyte” and the informal “privet”. You can also say hello to a Russian speaker with the following three phrases, depending on the time of day.

Where can I find recordings of Russian phrases?

The Russian recordings are provided by the good people at A Taste of Russian . Each phrase is pronounced slowly first, then at normal speed. Transliterations are in the Scientific transliteration of Cyrillic ( more details ). See these phrases in any combination of two languages in the Phrase Finder.

What Russian phrases should every learner know?

This is a very useful phrase and one every Russian learner should know because it helps increase your vocabulary. You can use an English word to fill in the blank or point to an object when asking this question. These words and phrases are self-explanatory and commonly heard multiple times a day. Что это? — What is that? Кто это? — Who is that?