What are measurement techniques in wind tunnels?

What are measurement techniques in wind tunnels?

We develop new measurements methods : PSP techniques (High speed, low speed, unsteady) ; MDM (Model Deformation Method) ; aero-acoustic measurements.

What is wind tunnel apparatus?

wind tunnel, device for producing a controlled stream of air in order to study the effects of movement through air or resistance to moving air on models of aircraft and other machines and objects.

What are the different types of wind tunnels?


  • Low-speed wind tunnel.
  • High speed wind tunnel.
  • Subsonic and transonic wind tunnel.
  • Supersonic wind tunnel.
  • Hypersonic wind tunnel.
  • High enthalpy wind tunnel.

How a vehicle would be tested in a wind tunnel?

SCALE MODELING Under the tunnel’s floor, sensitive scales accurately measure the horizontal (drag) and vertical (lift) forces and moments acting on the test vehicle. Other sensors record air temperature and pressure at key points in the test section.

What is the test section of wind tunnel?

The test section is the part of the wind tunnel in which the model is placed. For low speed tunnel operation, the test section has the smallest cross-sectional area and the highest velocity within the tunnel.

What material are wind tunnels made of?

1. Different Materials: The wind tunnel can be made out of any alternate materials (metal sheet, plywood, etc.). 2. Different Scales: Larger wind tunnels can be made with larger budgets.

How are wind tunnels built?

Most wind tunnels are just long, straight boxes, or open-circuit (open-return) tunnels. However, some are built in closedcircuits (or closed return), which are basically ovals that send the air around and around the same path, like a racetrack, using vanes and honeycomb panels to precisely guide and direct the flow.

What causes wind tunnels?

The ‘why’ behind wind tunnels The wind tunnel effect happens when wind encounters a tall rectangular building. After the wind hits the building, it changes direction. “They are going to go in all directions,” Jim Chen, mechanical engineering professor at Temple, said.

What is test section in wind tunnel?