What are job opportunities after MSc chemistry?

What are job opportunities after MSc chemistry?

What are the jobs after MSc Chemistry?

  • Synthetic Lab Scientist.
  • Content Creator.
  • Assistant Professors.
  • Online Mentor.
  • Solid State Chemistry Expert.
  • Chemistry/Biochemistry Research Officer.
  • Analytical Chemistry Application Specialist.
  • Research Scientist.

Which field is best for MSc chemistry?

Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry Medicinal Chemistry
Biochemistry Environmental Chemistry
Organic Pharmaceutical Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry
Physical Chemistry General Chemistry
Applied Chemistry

What is salary after MSc chemistry in India?

Master of Science (MS), Chemistry Jobs by Salary

Job Title Range Average
Job Title:High School Teacher Range:₹130k – ₹697k Average:₹303,878
Quality Control (QC) Chemist Range:₹119k – ₹589k Average:₹235,054
Research Scientist Range:₹250k – ₹2m Average:₹643,496
Quality Assurance Manager Range:₹370k – ₹2m Average:₹940,966

Can I join ISRO after MSc chemistry?

Dear Friend, To get a job in ISRO after M.Sc in Organic Chemistry, you need to apply for posts like Junior Research Fellow if you are fresher, if you have experience in the same field, then you will have more advantage. You should have more than 60% marks then only you can apply.

What is M.Sc salary?

The average msc salary in India is ₹ 375,000 per year or ₹ 192 per hour. Entry-level positions start at ₹ 294,000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to ₹ 2,160,000 per year.

Which branch of chemistry has highest scope?

Q: Which branch of chemistry has the highest scope? A: Biochemistry is known to be the most important and one of the most promising branches of Chemistry.

Which field of chemistry has highest scope?

Which is the highest paid job after MSc Chemistry?

Top Jobs for Chemistry Majors

  • Chemical Engineer.
  • Doctor.
  • Forensic Scientist.
  • Pharmacologist. Average Base Pay: $127,000.
  • Materials Scientist. Average Base Pay: $77,000.
  • Research Scientist. Average Base Pay: $83,500.
  • Laboratory Technician. Average Base Pay: $37,000.
  • Environmental Consultant. Average Base Pay: $62,700.

Does ISRO hire chemist?

Yes. All propellant formulation engineering, testing and qualification are done by chemists.

Can I join NASA after M.Sc Chemistry?

It is possible, but difficult. USA Citizenship is required for most NASA jobs. Some jobs may take USA Permanent Residents. Some NASA jobs related to material testing may take persons with BS/BSc in Chemistry.

Does M.Sc have scope?

An M.Sc degree holder can work in both government & private sectors. An M.Sc degree holder can work in various fields like education, defense, public sector, automotive and aerospace industries, healthcare, materials, technology, computing, energy and information technology. Some colleges and universities appoint M.Sc.

What are the job opportunities for BSc/MSc graduates in Kolkata?

DETAILS Hiring BSc / MSc graduates: Immediate Joiners for leading Chemical manufacturing company in kolkatamale / female bothe can apply Extracting non-medical information from repo… More Details.

What is the job description of a lab chemist in Kolkata?

DETAILS LAB CHEMIST jobs in kolkataJob Description / Responsibilities: -Testing of Ferro Alloys , Metals , Minerals , Chemicals , Ores , Silicates , etc. – Knowledgeable about More Details DETAILS Job Responsibilities: Preparation and review as asked by regulatory authorities as per OECD , OPPTS , CIPAC , SANCO guidelines.

What is an MSc in organic chemistry?

More Details DETAILS CHEMIST / SENIOR CHEMIST ( only Organic / synthetic chemistry apply ) MSc in Organic chemistry involved in identification , synthesis and development of biologically acti… More Details

What education do you need to become a chemist?

Educational qualification: M.Sc. (Chemistry) or B.Sc. (Chemistry) with relevant work experience. More… Job Types: Full-time, Regular / Permanent.