What are different types of eyes for makeup?

What are different types of eyes for makeup?

There are six main eye shapes — round, monolid, hooded, downturned, upturned and almond — and they’re all fabulous in their own way.

How do I know my eye shape?

How To Determine Your Eye Shape

  1. Round Eyes. If you have a visible crease in your eyelid and your iris is surrounded by just a touch of white, disconnecting it from your top and bottom eyelid, you have round eyes.
  2. Almond Eyes.
  3. Downturned Eyes.
  4. Upturned Eyes.
  5. Hooded Eyes.

How can I make my eyes look closer?

How you apply your eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara can totally transform the look of the distance between your eyes.

  1. Prime your lids. Prep your eyelids with an eye primer to ensure that your eye makeup lasts all day.
  2. Apply eye shadow.
  3. Line your eyes.
  4. Add a wing.
  5. Boost your lashes.

What is a Monolid eye shape?

Monolid eyes, or epicanthal folds, are an eyelid shape commonly seen in people of Asian descent. It’s also seen in people with genetic conditions. With monolid eyes, the skin of your upper eyelids covers the inner parts of your eyes. You don’t have folds dividing your eyelids into two parts.

How to apply eye makeup according to your eye shape?

Apply foundation on the upper eyelid.

  • Apply beige eyeshadow on the upper eyelid towards your eyebrow.
  • Apply midtone eyeshadow (ochre,gold,terracotta) on the moving eyelid.
  • Highlight the upper eyelid crease with a dark line.
  • Draw wings just above the outer corners of the eyes using an eye pencil.
  • Where to put eye makeup, depending on your eye shape?

    If you look in the mirror and the top and bottom of your irises are covered by your upper and lower lids (along with the traits mentioned in the

  • Not sure if your eyes are downturned?
  • If the space between the inner corners is larger than the width of one of your eyes,you have wide-set eyes.
  • How to determine your eye shape in 2 Easy Steps?

    – Both “round” and “almond” eyes are basic eye shapes. – If you have no other identifiable shape features, as indicated by the previous steps in this section, your eye shape can only be “round” or “almond.” – This is the last quality you can take into consideration when identifying eye shape.

    What do you need for perfect makeup?

    You DON’T need a lot of products to create a beautiful,natural look.

  • It does NOT take a long time to apply makeup every day.
  • The ONLY thing that makeup significantly changes is your self-confidence.