What are BB Simon belts made of?

What are BB Simon belts made of?

This belt has the gold studs running from the top to the bottom with the belt having Clear swarovski crystals on the front buckle and the loop part where you tuck in the belt is made of Black Diamond swarovski crystals all grazed on brown Italian leather.

Do BB Simon belts have diamonds?

Both the buckle and strap is decorated in black diamond AB crystals to offer maximum sparkle to your look. All BB Simon belts run ONE size small from the standard US pants size.

Why are BB Simon belts so popular?

B.B. Simon belts grew increasingly popular when Hip Hop artists first discovered the Swarovski belts in the early 2000s, which Tavassolia credits to “[needing] to wear belts because they wore very low pants”, and they have been a staple in the culture ever since.

How many holes does a B.B. Simon belt have?

B.B. Simon Size Information B.B. Simon belts are measured from the inside edge of the buckle to where it clasps the middle belt hole. Each belt has 5 belt clasp holes shown as red dots in the belt measurement photo below. All measurements are in inches.

How thick are the BB Simon belt?

BELT WIDTH: 1 1/4 in.

Who made BB Simon?

B.B. Simon was founded by Simon Tavassoli.

Who started the BB belt trend?

BB Simon
BB Simon and his Team launched the BB Simon brand in 1987. They collaborated to create BB Simon Swarovski Belts and Swarovski Fashion Accessorizes that was both a fashion statement and a work of art.

How long do B.B. Simon Belts take to process?

We ask for your patience and understanding in allowing up to 4-7 weeks for orders to be processed before shipping.

How long does it take for B.B. Simon to ship?

Delivery time is usually 5-7 business days from the time your order is complete and leaves the warehouse depending on UPS schedules. Business Day delivery excludes holidays and weekends. Orders can not be shipped to PO Boxes. All orders must be shipped to a street address.

How long does B.B. Simon take to process?

Homepage – B.B. Simon® We do apologize for any delays you may experience due to the extended time required for order processing. We ask for your patience and understanding in allowing up to 4-7 weeks for orders to be processed before shipping.

What are the BB Simon belts?

The BB Simon belts are the effort to keep the baggiest jeans in place. The BB Simon belts with the baggy jeans have become one of the most prevalent fashion trends in New York. One interesting fact about the BB Simon belts and its brand products is that despite the great popularity the brand does not have a particular marketing scheme.

What is the best brand for belts for men?

These men’s b.b. simon belts are decked out from front to back with mesmerizing Swarovski crystals which are precision cut and polished to perfection. b.b. simon belts have been the premier brand for stylish men’s belts for years, and now you can have your own in a color and aesthetic you love.

Who is the founder of BB Simon?

BB Simon brand was first launched in 1987 by the founder BB Simon and his team. They soon collaborated with Swarovski to create fashion accessories that were deemed as a work of art. The belts of the brand were imported and the buckles were incorporated with Swarovski crystals and gems.