What album was cold as ice on?

What album was cold as ice on?

ForeignerCold As Ice / Album

“Cold as Ice” is a 1977 song by British-American rock band Foreigner from their eponymous debut album. It became one of the best known songs of the band in the US, peaking at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Who wrote Cold As Ice song?

Lou Gramm
Mick Jones
Cold As Ice/Composers

When was the song Cold As Ice released?

1977Cold As Ice / Released

What does cold as ice mean?

be extremely cold
to be extremely cold: Feel my toes – they’re as cold as ice.

What was foreigners first album?

ForeignerForeigner / First album

Why did Lou Gramm leave the band Foreigner?

Gramm announced his departure from Foreigner in May 1990 due to differences with Jones, and to focus on his solo career. Gramm also formed Shadow King with close friend and former Black Sheep bassist Bruce Turgon; their 1991 self-titled album was released by Atlantic Records.

Is it ice cold or iced cold?

The adjectival form of “ice” is “iced,” meaning that the condition of the substance has been altered by cold. And until the late nineteenth century, both the water and cream forms were not only “iced,” but hyphenated as well. They lost their hyphens early in the 20th century, and the “d’s” soon followed.

What was Foreigner’s first hit?

Feels Like the First Time
Foreigner is the self-titled debut studio album by British-American rock band Foreigner, released in 8 March 1977. It spun off three hit singles, “Feels Like the First Time”, “Cold as Ice” and “Long, Long Way from Home”….Track listing.

No. 11.
Title “Feels Like the First Time” (Demo)
Writer(s) Jones
Length 3:40

Where does the song Cold as ice come from?

“Cold As Ice” is the second single from M.O.P.’s Warriorz album and is based around a sample from the 1977 track “Cold As Ice” by Foreigner. This would go on to be M.O.P.’s…

What number did the song Cold as ice go on Billboard?

The single was a hit and propelled the album to #25 on the Billboard 200 chart. The follow-up single, the self-produced “Cold As Ice” (which featured a sample from ” Cold As Ice ” by Foreigner ), also received radio airplay, although several of the song’s lyrics had to be censored for the radio version.

Is cold as ice a sample of Foreigner?

About “Cold as Ice”. “Cold As Ice” is the second single from M.O.P.’s Warriorz album and is based around a sample from the 1977 track “Cold As Ice” by Foreigner. In Foreigner’s song, singer Lou Gramm addresses an unnamed lover who is leaving him.

What was the First MoP song?

After contributing to the 1992 compilation The Hill That’s Real, M.O.P. debuted in 1993 with the single “How About Some Hardcore?”, which appeared on the soundtrack for the film House Party 3. The underground success of the single, promoted by a low-budget video from then-unknown director Hype Williams, led to their debut album To the Death.