Is Wakulla Springs worth visiting?

Is Wakulla Springs worth visiting?

Right where Florida curves around in its Big Bend under Tallahassee, you’ll find Wakulla Springs State Park, a great place to explore if you like natural beauty and Old Florida ambiance. There are only 30,000 residents in Wakulla County and no cities.

What is Wakulla Springs famous for?

WAKULLA Co., FL (WTXL) – Wakulla Springs is a summer time staple. It’s a popular gathering place for tourists and locals alike and is famous for its wildlife wonder. “A Florida famous figure created this lodge and opened it to the public in 1937. Its been apart of the fabric of Wakulla county since that time.

Can you swim in Wakulla Springs?

Directly behind the Lodge, you can swim in Wakulla Springs. The water is 68F (20C) year round. Swimming is allowed year round, weather permitting. The Springs also boast a two story diving tower that is great for a plunge, or just for a view of the springs.

Can you drink alcohol at Wakulla Springs?

Swimming is limited to the designated swimming area at the Wakulla Spring. Alcoholic beverage consumption is allowed in designated areas at the lodge only. To become a volunteer, please call (850) 561-7281. Recreational scuba diving is permitted in some designated sinkhole areas.

How much does Wakulla Springs cost?

$6.00 per vehicle. Limit 2-8 people per vehicle. $4.00 single occupant vehicle. $2.00 pedestrians, bicyclists, extra passengers, passengers in vehicle with holder of Annual Individual Entrance Pass.

How deep is the spring at Wakulla Springs?

350 ft
Wakulla Springs is located 14 miles (23 km) south of Tallahassee, Florida and 5 miles (8.0 km) east of Crawfordville in Wakulla County, Florida at the crossroads of State Road 61 and State Road 267….

Wakulla Springs
Depth 350 ft (110 m)
Length 31.99 mi (51.48 km)
Geology Limestone
Difficulty Advanced cave diving

How cold is the water at Wakulla Springs?

69-70 degrees
The water is a constant 69-70 degrees regardless of temperature outside. Swimming area is great.

Who owns Wakulla Springs?

In 1986, the state of Florida purchased the site and other Wakulla River acreage from the foundation for $7.15 million and has been operating the lodge ever since.

How much does it cost to get into Wakulla Springs?

$6 per vehicle
Hours: Wakulla Springs is open year round for visitors from 8am to sundown. Cost: $6 per vehicle.

What is the best spring to visit in Florida?

17 Best Springs in Florida

  • Three Sisters Springs, Crystal River.
  • Madison Blue Spring State Park, Lee.
  • Ginnie Springs, High Springs.
  • Homosassa Springs, Homosassa.
  • Weeki Wachee Springs State Park, Weeki Wachee.
  • Rainbow Springs, Dunnellon.
  • Ichetucknee Springs, Fort White.
  • Ponce de Leon Springs, Ponce de Leon.

Which Tarzan was filmed at Wakulla Springs?

Beginning in 1938, several of the early Tarzan films including Tarzan’s New York Adventure starring Johnny Weissmuller were filmed on location in Wakulla Springs.

Are there alligators in Wakulla River?

Home of the world’s largest and deepest freshwater springs, the sapphire water of Wakulla Springs boasts manatees, alligators and a host of diverse wildlife that can be viewed from a riverboat or the diving platform.