Is Tufts spirit plan a PPO?

Is Tufts spirit plan a PPO?

This is a PPO Plan, so you are not required to designate a Primary Care Provider (PCP) or get a referral for specialty services.

Does Medicare count as insurance?

Medicare is the federal health insurance program for: People who are 65 or older.

What is a GIC member?

The Group Insurance Commission (GIC) provides high-quality, affordable health insurance and other benefit options to over 220,000 subscribers and 460,000 members. GIC provides and administers health insurance and other benefits to the Commonwealth’s Employees and Retirees, and their dependents and survivors.

Is UniCare private insurance?

Unicare Medical Center is the First Family oriented Private Medical Center offering Comprehensive Medical and Dental Services to the International Community of Prague.

What services does UniCare offer?

UniCare offers dental, vision, life and disability, Medicare health plans, and state indemnity plans depending on where you live. Many are employer-sponsored plans. Dental. The website does not offer specific descriptions of the available plans but lists general coverage information. This includes 100% coverage for preventative treatment.

How to find a participating provider?

How to find a participating provider on the Mainland. Visit BlueCard’s National Doctor and Hospital Finder or call BlueCard at 1-800-810-BLUE (2583). The BlueCard number is listed on your HMSA membership card for easy reference. Call to make an appointment and confirm if that provider is a BlueCard participating provider.

What is UniCare Health Plan?

Coverage for prescription drugs (administered by Express Scripts for non-Medicare members and by SilverScript for Medicare members).

  • Coverage for behavioral health services through Beacon Health Options’ network,the largest behavioral health network in the country.
  • Coverage beyond the Commonwealth.