Is Tokyo Marui the best airsoft brand?

Is Tokyo Marui the best airsoft brand?

However, experienced players know that, while expensive, Tokyo Marui guns are the longest lasting and most reliable, and they make some of the best airsoft rifles on the market. ICS is a reputable airsoft gun manufacturer, trusted by both airsoft veteran players and stores.

Who invented Tokyo Marui?

Chūji Aoi

Marui headquarters, Nakano, Tokyo
Founder Chūji Aoi (青井忠治)
Headquarters Nakano, Tokyo , Japan
Area served Worldwide
Products Women’s fashion and accessories

Are airsoft guns legal in Japan?

In Japanese airsoft law, airsoft guns are legal, but may not shoot with a muzzle energy above 0.98 joules. Legal requirements are set on airsoft model manufacturers to prevent any possibility of a replica weapon being converted into an actual firearm.

How much is the Tokyo Marui M1911A1 airsoft pistol?

Tokyo Marui M1911A1 Government Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol – BLACK SKU: TM-M1911A1G $180.00 Qty 0 View Details SOLD OUT Price is map protected. Tokyo Marui M45 “Desert Sand” Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol – TAN

How much does a Tokyo Marui 18 round magazine cost?

Tokyo Marui 18 Round Magazine for V10 Ultra Compact .45 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistols (Color: Black) SKU: TM-149725 $39.00 Qty 1 2 3 4 5 Add to Cart Price is map protected. Tokyo Marui 470 Round High Capacity Magazine for R36

How much does the Tokyo Marui Super 90 airsoft shotgun cost?

SKU: TM-SPAS12 $190.00 Qty 0 View Details SOLD OUT Price is map protected. Tokyo Marui Super 90 Full Size Pump Action Airsoft Shotgun – BLACK SKU: TM-SUPER90 $270.00 Qty 0 View Details SOLD OUT

What is the best airsoft gun with a full metal barrel?

KJW KP-07 Single Stack Full Metal Gas blowback Airsoft with Tokyo Marui System. (This is the newest KJW 1911 series utilizing Tokyo Marui System, higher output, super reinforced internal able to withstand red gas, propane adapter, CO2, green gas and other high power gas.) An advantage of this Pistol over the Marui is it is full metal.