Is there only one SnowDome?

Is there only one SnowDome?

The Snowdome is an indoor ski slope just off the A5 road in Tamworth, Staffordshire, England. It opened in May 1994 and was the first full-sized recreational indoor ski slope in the UK….

Type Indoor ski slope
Location Tamworth
Completed May 1994
Design and construction

Who owns the SnowDome?

The indoor ski centre was the first in the UK to use real snow. Snowdome Group, which was led by Martin Smith, Gary Baker and Coats, purchased the site from Megabowl Group.

Is the SnowDome real snow?

The team here makes over 3000 tons of real snow every single year for the entire venue. We use a super-secret formula (which may or may not include sprinkles) to create our wonderfully soft and fluffy real snow for guests to enjoy.

What temperature is the SnowDome?

How cold is it? The main slope temperature ranges from 0 to +4 degrees centigrade. The snow fun park and ice skating areas are typically around zero to minus 3 degrees celsius.

Do you have to wear a helmet at the Snowdome?

If you are ice skating, playing in snow fun park or on Santa’s Winter Wonderland snow trail – please remember helmets are mandatory for all children, aged 2 to 16 years. We strongly recommend adults wear a helmet too. Helmets will be provided free of charge to all guests.

How does the SnowDome make snow?

Just like on the mountains, indoor snow is made using a cold environment, water and air. At The Snow Centre Hemel Hempstead a cold environment is created in what’s known as the ‘ski box’, an enclosed area around The Snow Centre’s slopes.

Do you have to wear a helmet at the SnowDome?

How is snow made at the SnowDome?

How does the Snowdome make snow?

How much are lockers at the Snowdome?

Lockers are 20 pence refundable. Secure lockers are also available – these are situated at reception and are free to use. What should I wear in the swimming pool?

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What to do in the Snowdome?

After all the fun out on the snow, it’s time to chill out, warm up and get a bite to eat. The SnowDome has a fantastic selection of bars, restaurants, viewing areas and other facilities where you can do just that.

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