Is there nudity in the movie We Were Soldiers?

Is there nudity in the movie We Were Soldiers?

SEX/NUDITY 3 – All scenes are between a married couple: A man jumps on top of a woman lying in bed and they kiss passionately, there’s another kiss, and a man and woman hold each other in bed. Women are shown in slinky nightgowns a few times, exposing bare shoulders and some cleavage.

Why is the movie We Were Soldiers Rated R?

Parents need to know that this is one of the most brutally violent movies ever released, with up-close, graphic, and relentless violence and the deaths of many characters. There is some strong language and a mild sexual situation.

Is the movie We Were Soldiers a good movie?

With excellent support from Greg Kinnear, Sam Elliott, and Barry Pepper as UPI war correspondent Joe Galloway, “We Were Soldiers” does the best it can to put a human face on the tragedy of war and it’s victims.

Is there swearing in Hacksaw Ridge?

This is not really really for younger kids, it does have some swearing, that part probably doesn’t bother most kids and adults. There is a TON of violence and gore!

What was the budget for We Were Soldiers?

75 million USDWe Were Soldiers / Budget

What did Hal Moore think of the movie?

In the source book, We Were Soldiers Once‚Ķ And Young, Hal Moore complains, “Every damn Hollywood movie got [the Vietnam war] wrong.” The director, Randall Wallace, said that he was inspired by that comment and became “determined to get it right this time.”

How did the Battle of Ia Drang end?

When an American battalion was ambushed in close quarters, who were unable to use air and artillery support due to the close engagement of the North Vietnamese, the Americans suffered an over-50% casualty rate before being extricated. Both sides claimed victory.

How many F words are in Black Hawk Down?

Amazing War Movie Has Violent Scenes The other good news is that, for a war movie, the content in Black Hawk Down is pretty consistent. There are around 20 uses of the f-word, which is less than you’ll hear in half an hour at high school.

Why we were soldiers is a good movie?

We Were Soldiers spends half an hour making us care about each of the characters and the rest of the movie blowing them up. There have been thousands of war movies, and dozens of movies about the Viet Nam war, but this is one of the few to truly honor the men who fought and the women they loved.

Is We Were Soldiers based on a true story?

WE WERE SOLDIERS is based on the book by Lt. Colonel Harold G. Moore, a devout Catholic who is as devoted a commander as he is a father. Moore was asked to develop the “air cavalry,” a system for using helicopters in combat.

What are the ratings based on?

Our ratings are based on child development best practices. We display the minimum age for which content is developmentally appropriate. The star rating reflects overall quality.

Is the real Joseph Galloway just a soldier?

No man is just a soldier. The real Joseph D. Galloway stepped out of the movie theater during a scene, but still approved the film. His explanation was “That was my nightmare for 36 years.