Is there any DLC for Metro Last Light?

Is there any DLC for Metro Last Light?

Metro: Last Light is a 2013 sequel that received four DLC packs. Here’s every pack for the well-received follow-up ranked from worst to best. Here’s every DLC pack for sequel Metro: Last Light ranked worst to best.

Does Metro have DLC?

The Metro Exodus Expansion Pass will contain two major pieces of story-driven DLC for the game, following brand new stories from the world of Metro. Instead of Artyom, players will have the chance to see through the eyes of a brand new character and of one of the Spartan Rangers, the Aurora’s only American, Sam.

Does Metro Redux include DLC?

Two campaigns, and all DLC included – Metro Redux includes two complete campaigns that combine to create one epic solo adventure, plus a further 10 hours of bonus content. Two unique Play Styles and Ranger Mode add hours more replayablity !

How do you download Exodus DLC for Metro?

If you have, head to the game’s page on the PS Store. Head to the section about Add-Ons for the game and then the “New” section. You’ll hopefully have a button there to download The Two Colonels expansion. Press it, and it’ll start downloading.

Is Artyom a Russian name?

Artyom (Russian: Артём) is a male given name common in Russia and other Slavic-speaking countries. The name uses the “ё” letter, which can be transcribed to English as “e” but still has the “yo” sound.

How do I access the DLC in Metro Redux?

Go to chapter selection and there will be a option to play “new missions”, you’ll see all the DLC content there.

How do you play Sam’s story?

ON the start screen make your way to the Chapters option. Interact with Chapters to open a list. On this list you will see a new option for DLC. Under it is the The Sam’s Story chapter.

Is Metro Last Light DLC worth it?

WIth Metro: Last Light going on sale today, it’s worth looking at the grab-bag of DLC associated with it. While all of it is pretty cheap, time is not, and only some of Last Light’s extra levels are really worth investigating.

Are the DLCs in last light worth it?

While all of it is pretty cheap, time is not, and only some of Last Light’s extra levels are really worth investigating. Some of these DLC packs are cringe-worthy, the kind of schlocky, half-baked ideas that give DLC a bad name and make things like season passes a bad value.

Does Metro 2033 have a last light level?

But overall the level serves as a reminder of how much magic and mystery there was in Metro 2033 that didn’t quite make it into Last Light. This features some curiosities like a showroom for character models, a weapons range (who cares?) and The Spider’s Nest.

What is the most interesting thing to do in Metro Last Light?

Kshatriya is easily most systemically interesting thing in Metro: Last Light. You start in a Ranger base near the Library, where you can buy gear and ammo for a trek to the surface. Once you’re ready to head out, they lift the airlock doors and send you into the sewers to make your way into the Library.