Is there a super white quartzite?

Is there a super white quartzite?

Super White Quartzite is a light colored stone – a compact, coarse metamorphic rock. Quartzite Super White possesses small to intense veins in light, medium, or dark colors. Shades may vary from white to really light tones of beige or gray.

What is the whitest quartzite?

Sometimes referred to as ‘Super White’, White Fantasy is one of the most commonly sought after quartzites for people who want durability but with the soft, ephemeral beauty of marble. It has a soft white base with distinctive grey veining that creates a stunning effect in any kitchen or bathroom.

How much is super white quartzite?

between $75 and $125 per square foot
Super White Quartzite Super White has found its way into many homes as kitchen countertops and islands, bathroom vanity tops, bar tops, and fireplace surrounds. This one of a kind stone ranges in price between $75 and $125 per square foot installed.

Where does super white quartzite come from?

There’s no doubting the beauty of Super White Quartzite, also known in the U.S. as Super White Granite. Available only from this particular quarry in Brazil, Super White is a gorgeous light colored stone that’s a compact, coarse metamorphic rock with small to intense veins in light, medium, or dark colors.

Is super white granite or dolomite?

What exactly is Super White Dolomite? One of the most dilemmas is about “If Super White is a Marble, Quartzite or Granite?” It is one of the enduring misconceptions regarding this material, however, Super White is technically Dolomite.

Is calacatta super white quartzite?

Super White is also known as Calacatta Quartzite. Although a lot of people love the look of Super White, they aren’t quite sure what kind of a stone it is. Some call it a Quartzite or a dolomite.

Is Super white quartzite or dolomite?

Dolomite Marble
Our Conclusion is that in fact Super White is NOT a quartzite but rather a Dolomite Marble.

Is super white granite expensive?

Let’s start with the cost the purchase price, if purchasing multiple slabs you can expect the cost per square foot for superwhite granite to be in the ballpark of $60 per square feet. Having a professional fabricator cut, edge, and install your slab brings your actual cost to $85-100+ per sq ft.

Which is more expensive quartz or quartzite?

Quartz is more budget-friendly than quartzite, but it is still considered a high-end countertop material and can cost more than natural stone. However, when comparing quartz and quartzite, quartzite is the more expensive option.

Is Super white dolomite or quartzite?

Where is super white from?

Super White is a durable stone with a sophisticated marble look….Additional Information.

Stone Type: Quartzite
Country of Origin: Brazil
Alternate Names: Moolight, White Fantazy
Available Finishes: Polished
Available Sizes: 3cm

Is Super white a marble?

Super White – Block 7261 Super White marble is one of our most popular stones, highly prized by designers, architects and homeowners alike. While it presents a similar design aesthetic to marble, it offers a range of additional durability benefits.

What is Superwhite premium quartzite?

Super White Premium Quartzite is an off-white natural quartzite mined from Brazilian quarry. The surface of this stone has dark gray and gray textures. The quality of this stone is relatively high, and the surface style is modern.

Is super white quartzite a good alternative to marble?

If you are looking for a gorgeous natural stone that is a durable alternative to marble, Super White quartzite can be just what you are looking for. When searching for a stone to complete your home remodeling project, there are many reasons that Super White quartzite should be at the top of your wish list.

What is a 12×24 quartzite tile?

Product Details Natural stone like this beautiful white 12 x 24 White Quartzite Tile is an excellent flooring choice. Beautiful and easy to maintain, quartzite is an excellent flooring choice. This natural stone is durable and is popular in kitchens and bathrooms. Quartzite made from sandstone and other materials and is a great choice for any home.

Can quartzite be used as a backsplash?

Please try again later. Super White quartzite is white with deep grey veins. It has grown in popularity over the last few years because it resembles marble and will work great as a kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity top, backsplash, bar countertop or fireplace surround.