Is there a Cukai pendapatan lhdn number?

Is there a Cukai pendapatan lhdn number?

Semak No Cukai Pendapatan LHDN Number, senang sahaja dapatkan semula nombor rujukan anda Setiap daripada anda yang bekelayakan untuk buat lhdn payment, ada dapat nombor cukai pendapatan masing-masing. Dengan ada nombor lhdn ini, banyak urusan boleh dilakukan oleh anda sebagai pembayar cukai.

Do I need to apply from lhdn?

Colin, Nombor pendaftaran majikan , you will need to apply from LHDN. There will be a form to fill in and documents to be submitted to LHDN. Added on March 21, 2009, 7:45 am EA Form no need to submit? Yes is true. But you need to prepare the EA Form for your employees for them to submit their tax return.

Should majikan be your company registration number?

No Majikan should be your company registration number. If sole proprietary should be your license business number in your Form D from SSM so are u sure is my company register number? but i had ask some of my frnz.. they said not the Form D register number ohh… or do i need get tat special number frm LHDN? Look at all my stars!!