Is Theo Chocolate high quality?

Is Theo Chocolate high quality?

Theo Chocolate has been making high-quality chocolate from scratch – cocoa bean to chocolate bar – since 2006.

How much does Theo Chocolate cost?

Theo Chocolate Pure Organic Dark Chocolate Bar 85% Cacao, 6 Pack | Vegan, Fair Trade

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Is Theo Chocolate expensive?

Its roughly $3.99 price tag for a 3-ounce bar puts Theo in a rarefied league well above Hershey bars, but below some high-end chocolate.

Where does Theo Chocolate get their chocolate from?

the Democratic Republic of Congo
Presently, the majority of cocoa from Theo is sourced from the Democratic Republic of Congo. As part of the company’s annual contracts with farmers, Theo pays into a fair trade premium development fund, which is an additional premium above what they pay farmers for cocoa.

Where is Theos chocolate from?

Organic and Fair Trade Chocolate Theo Chocolate is a chocolate company based in Seattle with a unique bean-to-bar process inspired by our passion for chocolate.

Where does Theo Chocolate get their cocoa from?

Is Theo Chocolate ethical?

As the first Organic and Fair Trade certified chocolate factory in North America, Theo’s founding principle is that the finest chocolate in the world can and should be produced in an entirely ethical and sustainable fashion.

Who is a founder of Theo Chocolate?

Joe Whinney
Theo Chocolate was founded on January 27, 2005 in Seattle, WA. Joe Whinney and Jeff Fairhall worked together to create the Theo Chocolate Company.

What advantages does Theo Chocolate have by sourcing cocoa from the Congo?

Seattle-based Theo sources cacao beans from war-torn eastern Congo and pays premium prices for them. By doing so, the chocolate maker provides a livelihood to about 2,000 farmers and indirect benefits to perhaps another 20,000 people in the Congo.