Is the Jaguar XE a sports sedan?

Is the Jaguar XE a sports sedan?

THE SPORTS SEDAN REDEFINED With its assertive looks and agile drive, the XE is instantly recognizable as a Jaguar vehicle. It feels like Jaguar, it drives like Jaguar — the XE is Jaguar to its core. Find your own balance of efficiency, performance and luxury with the XE model range.

What kind of car is a Jaguar XJ?

Jaguar’s pinnacle saloon car. The perfect combination of cutting-edge technology, sporting vehicle dynamics, and opulent luxury. XJ’s assertive styling includes an imposing, upright front grille with mesh detail, powerful full LED headlights and eye-catching LED tail lights with a distinctive pinstripe graphic.

What is the Jaguar XE Sportshift selector?

Inspired by the F‑TYPE, the slim LED taillights complement the vehicle’s sporting character with a distinct yet elegant design featuring a chicane graphic. For fast, manual changes, the Jaguar SportShift Selector is simple and intuitive to use, adding to the sporty nature of the XE.

What is the Jaguar XJ 50th anniversary special edition?

The 50th Anniversary Special Edition celebrates 50 years of Jaguar XJ with exclusive design features and meticulous attention to detail. Personalising your Jaguar with accessories. Knowing you’re covered for an accident or breakdown.

What is the checkered flag edition of the Jaguar XF?

XF Checkered Flag Edition. Possessing an unrivaled combination of style and substance, the Jaguar XF delivers an utterly seductive blend of design, dynamics and refinement to create a car that offers both excitement and comfort. All enhanced with the latest technologies that keep you connected and entertained.

What is the Jaguar I-Pace?

Luxury performance SUV offering practicality and efficiency. The first compact SUV from Jaguar is a unique combination of looks, agility and dynamic driving. The I-PACE is the ultimate all-electric performance SUV.

What kind of car is the Jaguar XF?

Pulse-quickening, pure Jaguar sports car. Striking contemporary style meets superb craftsmanship in the mid-sized XF.