Is the Bell 412 still in production?

Is the Bell 412 still in production?

The Bell 412 is a utility helicopter of the Huey family manufactured by Bell Helicopter….

Bell 412
Introduction 1981
Status In production
Primary users Royal Air Force See Operators for others
Produced 1979–present

How much can a Bell 412 Lift?

4000 pounds
It is also the lightest of it’s kind in North America and can lift up to 4000 pounds making it ideal for heavy lifts and crew loads due to its original light weight and the installation of the BLR modification.

Is the Bell 412 single engine?

Engines and performance of the twin-engine helicopter The Bell 412EP helicopter is powered by two Pratt & Whitney PT6T-3D Twin Pac® engines, which have a generating capacity of 1,800shp each.

How big is the Bell 412EP?

The Bell 412EP is the daily workhorse that reliably performs in some of the most extreme climates around the world every day. Its expansive cabin provides multi-mission flexibility while its wide opening 7.7 ft. doors easily accommodate forklift loadings into a spacious 220 ft3 /6.2 m3 cabin.

When did the Philippine Air Force get the last Bell 412EP helicopter?

The Philippine Air Force received the final Bell 412EP twin-engine helicopter in August 2015. Bell 412EP is a twin-engine helicopter manufactured by US-based aerospace and defence company Bell Textron, formerly known as Bell Helicopter.

Why fly the Bell 412?

When your missions take you into extreme environments, the Bell 412 will always have your back. With the cabin you need for passengers and cargo, nothing and no one will get left behind. Get to your destination, but enjoy the trip. Reach further locations with our wide aircraft range, designed to get you where you need to go.

How many Bell 412 helicopters are there in the world?

Over 700 Model 412s (including 260 by AgustaWestland) have been built. Advanced training helicopter based on the Bell 412EP, operated by the Royal Air Force (RAF) since 1997 as an advanced flying trainer.