Is the AS VAL a PDW?

Is the AS VAL a PDW?

The AS Val is unlocked at Rank 45 as part of the all-kit weapons. It is classified as a PDW even though it is technically a compact assault rifle.

Is the AS VAL a VSS?

The Val was developed alongside the VSS Vintorez to replace modified general-purpose firearms, such as the AKS-74UB, BS-1, APB, and PB, for clandestine operations. Development of the Val began in 1985 following the VSS Vintorez in 1983 by TsNIITochMash based on the prototype RG-036 completed in 1981.

Is the AS VAL an SMG IRL?

The AS Val (Russian: АС «Вал»; Автома́т Специа́льный, tr. Avtomát Spetsiálny, lit. ‘Special Automatic’; code name “Shaft” (Вал), GRAU designation 6P30) is a Soviet-designed assault rifle featuring an integrated suppressor….

AS Val
Place of origin Soviet Union
Service history
In service 1987–present
Used by See Users

How good is the PDW-R in BF4?

In Battlefield Play4Free, the PDW-R is available as a purchasable weapon for the Engineer Kit. It has average stopping power at close range, but it suffers at long-range combat, taking up to 9 shots to kill a foe at full health.

How do you get the PDW R in Battlefield 4?

The PDW-R appears in Battlefield 4 as a PDW for the Engineer class. It now uses 30-round magazines by default. The PDW-R is unlocked by completing the Gold assignment in Suez by scoring 5,000 points. It is equipped with a HOLO, Laser/Light Combo and Heavy Barrel.

What is the difference between Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 PDW?

Compared to Battlefield 3, it has much higher damage at close range, and maintains its high damage across range. Similar to the Groza-4, it features a hybrid combination of suppressor and a heavy barrel making it more accurate than any other PDW.

How do you get the as Val in Battlefield 4?

The AS VAL is a weapon featured in the Battlefield 4: Second Assault expansion for the Engineer kit. It is unlocked upon completion of the Co-Pilot assignment. Compared to Battlefield 3 , it has much higher damage at close range, and maintains its high damage across range.