Is Supertram running in Sheffield?

Is Supertram running in Sheffield?

Explore Sheffield We run 7 days a week from early morning to around midnight – whatever the weather. We have four colour-coded tram routes, which take you all across the city and beyond.

How long is a Sheffield supertram?

34.6 km

Sheffield Supertram
System length 34.6 km (21.5 mi)
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 81⁄2 in) standard gauge
Electrification Overhead line (750 V DC)

Can I use my bus pass on Sheffield supertram?

A. All our plastic travel passes are smartcards, meaning you have to scan your pass on buses and Supertram.

Are the trams running from Sheffield to Meadowhall?

Trams run every ten minutes from Meadowhall through the city and on to Middlewood (Yellow Line). Between 0900–1415 (Mon–Fri), 0900–1820 (Saturday) and 1030–1745 (Sunday) Purple Line trams also run between Meadowhall and Herdings Park every 30 minutes, reversing at Cathedral stop.

Can you pay by card on Sheffield supertram?

Customers can finally pay on card on all Supertram services in Sheffield. Previously commuters have needed cash to buy tickets when boarding, with card machines recently introduced on some services.

Are the blue trams running Sheffield?

Service summary: Yellow and Blue route trams operate every 20 minutes from start of service, every 12 minutes during the day Monday to Saturday and upto every 20 minutes on Sunday. In the evening, services will operate every 30 minutes Monday to Sunday.

Are Sheffield trams running to halfway?

Trams run every ten minutes from Halfway through the city and on to Malin Bridge (Blue Line) and every half-hour from Herdings Park to the city (Purple Line) giving a combined frequency of 8 trams per hour between Gleadless and the city.

Are trams running from Parkgate to Sheffield?

There are up to 3 services an hour from Rotherham Parkgate to Sheffield Cathedral via the Supertram route to Meadowhall South / Tinsley and then via Rotherham Central station to a brand new tram stop at Parkgate Shopping.

Are trams running from Malin Bridge?

Trams run every ten minutes from Middlewood through the city and on to Meadowhall (Yellow Line), and every 10 minutes from the Malin Bridge branch through the city to Halfway (Blue Line).

How much did the Sheffield Supertram cost?

Opened in 1994, Sheffield’s Supertram system cost £240m and now serves major residential and employment sites in Sheffield. A delayed tram-train pilot project brought new vehicles to Rotherham in 2018.

Are Sheffield trams safe?

So the numbers show that trams are, overall, 12 times safer than buses in the UK. And they are more than 50 times safer than trains, again, according to this data. “We have the safest and fastest growing railway in Europe,” the Department of Transport told Newsbeat.

How does Supertram make Sheffield easier to get around?

There are so many ways that Supertram makes Sheffield easier to get around – here are just a few useful bits of info. Supertram is Sheffield and Rotherham’s tram system, providing a comfortable and reliable way to travel. We run 7 days a week from early morning to around midnight – whatever the weather.

What is the Sheffield tram trains service?

Passengers in South Yorkshire are the first in the country to benefit from pioneering, award winning Tram Trains that will provide a direct service from Sheffield City Centre to Rotherham Central and Parkgate.

How many tram routes does Supertram have?

Welcome to Supertram Stagecoach Supertram has been serving the city of Sheffield since 1994 and we pride ourselves on a clean, quiet and reliable service. We have four tram routes, which give you easy access to the most popular places in and around Sheffield, and now Rotherham!

Can I travel between Sheffield and Rotherham on Supertram?

This includes terms of maximum stay. There are a range of tickets available in both the Sheffield and Rotherham fare zones that allow travel on the Supertram network, Tram Train and buses. English National Concessionary Travel Scheme (ENCTS) passes are also valid on Tram Train.