Is RE4 on PS2 good?

Is RE4 on PS2 good?

It’s still one of hte best PS2 games out there, but it has less enemies on screen at once (which especially hurts some of the siege-type areas you run into), less complex geometry on the trees, a few missing landmarks (a lava room at one point is significantly truncated on effects throughout, and the PS2 couldn’t …

Which version of RE4 is best?

Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition
1 Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition Even though the Nintendo Wii doesn’t output the best graphics, it is widely considered to be the best Resident Evil 4 port because of its phenomenal use of motion control.

Is Resident Evil 4 one of the best games ever?

The perfect Resident Evil game doesn’t exist, and this isn’t even the best survival horror game. But “Resident Evil 4” is a practically perfect video game. British publication Edge Magazine once named it the second greatest video game ever made. It’s the title that popularized the over-the-shoulder camera perspective.

How many versions of Resident Evil 4 are there?

To compare, Resident Evil 4 has seen 11 versions over the 16 years since its original release. The GameCube and PlayStation 2 versions came out in 2005, then the PC version was developed in 2007, followed by the Wii version that bundled content from the PlayStation 2 and PC versions.

Is Resident Evil 4 good for kids?

Parents need to know that Resident Evil 4 is a violent, bloody game. Players must stab, shoot, and bomb their way through hundreds of realistic-looking humans and monsters. With some cursing and sexual dialogue in the mix, Resident Evil 4 is a game that earns its M rating.

When did RE4 come out on PS2?

January 11, 2005Resident Evil 4 / Initial release date

Does Resident Evil 4 have good graphics?

Resident Evil 4 (Switch, 2019) – 82.5/100 The game is the most polished-looking game on the list and runs at an output of 1080p. While the HD look is enough to make any fan instantly get it, the Switch’s accessibility makes the game even more unique.

Is Resident Evil 4 Scary?

6 Resident Evil 4 The game sacrificed some of the series’ iconic horror in favor of more action-packed gameplay, though there are still a few frightening moments. Such moments include the fight against Del Lago, the first encounter with a Regenerator, and the fight against Verdugo.

Can a 13 year old play Resident Evil 4?

Because this is a horror game it might scare some people but it won’t emotionally traumatize you. If your kids wake you up in the middle of the night because they have nightmares they probably shouldn’t play it but if not, and you know they are mature enough, go ahead and let them play it.

Is Resident Evil 2 better than Resident Evil 4?

Resident evil 4, RE2 remake is not even better than the original.

Is Resident Evil 2 worth it?

Yeah, it’s not that different but there are changes, plus an extra boss. This signature is private, DO NOT READ! Its worth playing to get the ending, & true final boss. I would recommend playing Claire’s at least once. However Leon B is one that I just can’t do.

Is Resident Evil 4 better on GameCube or PlayStation 2?

Resident Evil 4 – Reviews PlayStation 2 . Clearly one of the best games on the PS2 – and maybe better than the GameCube version. By Evil Dave, updated 03/08

How to put mods into Resident Evil 2?

Try to uninstall a mod via the mod manager.

  • Turn on the “force uninstall” option at the top of the manage mods menu.
  • Click on “uninstall all mods”.
  • This shouldn’t be necessary,but just as a precaution,I suggest right-clicking the game in Steam and selecting “verify file integrity”.