Is Pokemon Go popular 2016?

Is Pokémon Go popular 2016?

At its peak, Pokémon Go was drawing in over well over 250 million people per month, by December 2016 that number had fallen to less than 50 million.

How many downloads did Pokémon Go have in 2016?

Released in July 2016, Pokémon GO was instantly a smash hit, accumulating more than 1 billion lifetime downloads. During its first quarter, the app generated a dizzying 250 million downloads before winding down to a double-digit download volume over time.

Is Pokémon Go still playable?

While normies moved on, Pokémon Go continued to exist and kept evolving. The game’s community is still lively (there are reportedly more than 800,000 daily active players in the U.S. alone), participating in live events like the annual Pokémon Go Fest.

Is Pokémon Go still popular in 2021?

In January 2021, Pokémon GO had approximately 827,000 daily active uses (DAU) via iPhone in the United States. Released in July 2016, the game has remained popular and is still regularly ranked among the leading mobile games worldwide.

Is Pokémon Go still a thing 2021?

In any case, Pokémon Go. This is a recent article from The Ringer. Pokémon Go monthly active users grew 15% through the first five months of this year, 2021, while spending spiked 49%. According to the top app analyst Sensor Tower, the firm also says that 2020 was the game’s most profitable year yet.

Who is the best Pokémon Go player?


Rank Competitor Battles
#1 vaNNiii Infinity GO, Gijón, Asturias – CDB Team Spain 204
#2 jaysfan55 Icy Wind, Barrie, ON 206
#3 Stonecollection Essen 199
#4 Reis2Occasion Mazer, Milwaukee, WI 196

Is Pokemon losing popularity?

55% of users don’t play it anymore, while only 13% play it regularly. Overall, Pokémon isn’t as popular as it used to be, and the decrease in sales are there to prove it.

What is the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

– Sylveon – Gardevoir – Mega Altaria – Hero Zacian

How do you download Pokemon Go?

Go to the App Store. Pokémon GO is available on the iPhone and Android.

  • Search for the Pokémon GO app. Tap on the Search button at the bottom of the screen and type “Pokémon GO” into the search bar.
  • Download the Pokémon GO app. Find the Pokémon GO app in the results. Tap the GET button at the top-right corner of the results bar.
  • Open the Pokémon GO app. Press the home screen button and tap on the new Pokémon GO icon that will have appeared.
  • Allow Pokémon GO to access your location. Giving the app access to your location will allow you to make full use of the game’s features.
  • Enter your date of birth. When you have done this,hit Submit .
  • Sign up for a Pokémon GO account. Sign up using Gmail.
  • Design your trainer avatar. After accepting the terms and conditions and an introduction from Professor Willow,you’ll be taken to the picture of two avatars.
  • How do you release Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

    Rotom Besides Wash Form. Source: This is the most unique entry on the list,as it’s a Pokemon that has a number of different forms.

  • Tyrunt/Tyrantrum. Source: Who doesn’t like dinosaurs?
  • Hawlucha.
  • Kecleon.
  • Arceus.
  • How many people play Pokemon Go?

    – Pokemon GO currently has daily active users globally- 20 million – Pokemon GO monthly active users by June 2017- 65 million – Pokemon GO total revenue by July 2017- $1.2 billion