Is Nemesis Prime Optimus Prime?

Is Nemesis Prime Optimus Prime?

In Transformers: The Last Knight, Nemesis Prime is actually a brainwashed Optimus Prime. Optimus becomes brainwashed by Quintessa, the Prime of Life to get her staff in order to destroy Cybertron’s ancient enemy, Unicron.

Who made Nemesis Prime?

2 Nemesis Prime (Transformers: Prime) Like his Armada forebear, the Nemesis Prime of Transformers: Prime was a puppet created in Optimus Prime’s image to destroy the being who’d inspired his visage. This Nemesis, however, was created not by Unicron, but by humans – specifically, the terrorist organization MECH.

Why is Optimus Prime evil?

If Earth dies, Cybertron lives, she convinces him. Quintessa then, somehow, wields control over Optimus, turning him into the villainous Nemesis Prime.

Which Prime is the strongest?

15 Most Powerful Primes In Transformers

  1. 1 Primus. Primus is the ultimate Prime.
  2. 2 Primon. This is where things start to get a bit confusing.
  3. 3 Prima. The original Thirteen were great and all, but they were not created at the same time.
  4. 4 Primal Prime.
  5. 5 Optimus Primal.
  6. 6 Nova Prime.
  7. 7 Nemesis Prime.
  8. 8 Nexus Prime.

Who is the coolest Transformer?

Unicron. The ultimate Transformer, Unicron is easily the coolest in the franchise. When he debuted in 1986’s animated Transformers feature film, it was unlike anything audiences had ever seen before, and gave both Autobots and Decepticons reason to fear his name.

Who is the strongest transformer villain?

Unicron is easily the strongest Transformers villain out there. The brother to Primus (the creator of the Transformers), Unicron stands as a beacon of darkness and chaos. He is everything that his good brother isn’t, and Unicron is considered a Dark God and Planet Eater.

What is the use of Optimus Prime Kreon?

The Optimus Prime Kreon is part of the player’s power-up: They served as the player’s support by attacking enemies. However the Kreons can suffer friendly fire from the player itself. Optimus Prime was part of an epic battle in a desert against the Decepticons.

Is Optimus Prime an Autobot?

Optimus Prime is an Autobot from the brick-built world of Kre-O. Freedom is the right of all sentient bricks. Optimus Prime doesn’t take any guff and doesn’t cotton to any of the foolishness some of the other Kreons delight in.

What comes with the Optimus Prime set?

The set comes with a bevy of Kreons, including Optimus Prime (this one based heavily on Generation 1 Optimus ), Bluestreak, Skywarp, and a pair of human Stunt Drivers. A packaging error resulted in some releases of this set to come with the promotional “Matrix chest” Optimus (see above) rather than the normal version pictured here.

How did Optimus Prime get his see-through power?

The substance gave Optimus what Wheeljack dubbed “See-Through Power.” Though Optimus was embarrassed by his transparent chassis, he nonetheless put his increased strength to good use by pounding Megatron. After fleeing to his base, Megatron returned with his own “See-Through Power;” he was now dressed in a woman’s pink see-through negligee…