Is Namco a Sega?

Is Namco a Sega?

Arguments over licensing contracts with Nintendo led Namco to produce games for competing platforms, such as the Sega Genesis, TurboGrafx-16, and PlayStation….Namco.

Headquarters in Ōta, Tokyo
Founder Masaya Nakamura
Defunct March 31, 2006
Fate Merged with Namco Bandai Games
Successor Bandai Namco Entertainment

Is Bandai Namco owned by Sega?

It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bandai Namco Holdings, an entertainment conglomerate….Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Logo used since 2022
Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan
Formerly Namco Bandai Games Inc. (2006–2014) Bandai Namco Games Inc. (2014–2015)
Type Subsidiary
Industry Video games

Has Namco closed down?

Namco Funscape, formally known as Namco Funscape County Hall, was a Namco amusement arcade located on the ground to basement levels of County Hall, Westminster, London….

Namco Funscape
Opened August 1997
Closed August 2021

Who is Pac-Man owned by?


North American sales flyer
Developer(s) Namco
Publisher(s) JP/DE: Namco NA/FRA: Midway
Designer(s) Toru Iwatani

Who is Namco’s mascot?

1 of 18 Pac-Man. The voracious pill-popper and ghost-eater has been Namco’s mascot since 1980. 2 of 18 Mario. Almost every Nintendo character is a mascot, but Mario has remained their preeminent symbol for decades.

Is Bandai Namco owned by Sony?

Sony and Namco Bandai are to further strengthen their relationships by forming a new company, Cellius, to create PS3 games and content for mobile phones and PCs. The company will be joint owned, with Namco Bandai owning 51 per cent of the venture and Sony owning the other 49 per cent, Bloomberg is reporting.

Why did Namco Funscape close?

According to, Funscape London was forced to vacate the site due to the redevelopment of part of County Hall, as opposed to issued associated with the pandemic. Some people have taken to social media to recount their memories of Namco Funscape.

Why is Namco Funscape closed?

According to, Namco Funscape was forced to shut shop due to the redevelopment of part of County Hall. The arcade left a short message on its Facebook page. “After 25 years, London’s leading family and corporate entertainment venue, within the iconic County Hall building has closed,” it said.

Is Ms Pacman owned by Namco?

The rights to the game are owned by Namco’s successor company, Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Does Namco still make video games?

It continued producing games until it was merged into Namco Bandai Games in 2006. Namco produced several multi-million-selling game franchises, such as Pac-Man, Galaxian, Tekken, Tales, Ridge Racer, and Ace Combat.

What was the first Namco game?

The company renamed itself Namco in 1977 and published Gee Bee, its first original video game, a year later. Among Namco’s first major hits was the fixed shooter Galaxian in 1979. It was followed by Pac-Man in 1980, the best-selling arcade game of all time.

What is the difference between Namco and Namco Entertainment?

Namco was a video game developer and publisher, originally from Japan. Bandai Namco Entertainment is the successor to Namco and continues manufacturing and distributing video games worldwide. For Namco games released following the 2006 merger with Bandai ‘s video game division, see List of Bandai Namco video games.

Does Namco Bandai still use the Namco logo?

Until April 2014, Namco Bandai Games used the Namco logo on its games to represent the brand’s legacy. The Namco Cybertainment division was renamed Namco Entertainment in January 2012, and to Namco USA in 2015.