Is it indulge in or with?

Is it indulge in or with?

To engage or take part in something, especially freely, avidly, and for one’s own sake or pleasure: The college students indulged in childish pranks. Those teenagers indulge in all the latest fads. See also: indulge in (something)

Is it indulge in or indulge with?

If you indulge in something or if you indulge yourself, you allow yourself to have or do something that you know you will enjoy. If you indulge someone, you let them have or do what they want, even if this is not good for them.

How do you use the word indulge?

(1) His mother spoiled him indulging his every whim. (2) She did not believe in indulging the children with presents. (3) By indulging in casual sex, many teenagers could be signing their own death warrants .

What does indulge in fantasies mean?

intransitive verb. : to indulge in reverie : to create or develop imaginative and often fantastic views or ideas doing things I’d fantasized about in my sheltered childhood— Diane Arbus. transitive verb. : to portray in the mind : fancy likes to fantasize herself as very wealthy.

What prepositions go with indulge?

indulgent (adj.) can combine with several prepositions: in, as in He is too indulgent in disciplinary matters; of, as in They are too indulgent of her crotchets; to, as in He seems indulgent to [toward] all their foibles; and with, as in We try not to be too indulgent with the children.

What does seldom ill mean?

Not often; infrequently or rarely.

How would you define ‘indulge’?

Indulge is a verb that means “to give in to something,” like when you indulge your craving for chocolate by eating a big piece of it. What does Thanks for indulging me mean? It means that I will satisfy my desire by having a cookie .

What does the name indulge mean?

Indulge is a verb that means “to give in to something,” like when you indulge your craving for chocolate by eating a big piece of it. The original meaning of indulge is “to treat with unearned favor.” That’s why it doesn’t mean the same as reward. How do you use indulge? indulge in something They went into town to indulge in some serious shopping.

What language does the word indulge come from?

While we are always happy to see people indulge their passion for language, we must also say that in many cases the story of a word’s history is likely to be a rather dry affair. If you are at a dinner party, and someone tries to engage you in small talk by telling you the interesting story of a word such as posh there is a good chance that

What does the name indulging mean?

indulgence, indulging, pampering, humoring noun. the act of indulging or gratifying a desire