Is it hard to get a job at Citigroup?

Is it hard to get a job at Citigroup?

The hiring process in Citi is also notoriously poor. Well known company which opens up a lot more opportunities for you after you leave. Largely decent and helpful colleagues although the work environment is very high pressured. Lots of employee perks and they do pay you well so you feel appreciated.

How long is Citi hiring process?

1-3 days depending on who you interviewed with.

How do I get a job at Citi?

  1. Take the Next Step. Search and apply for your dream job. Search for Jobs. Take a look at our available roles and discover what fits you best.
  2. We’d Love to Meet You. Learn what to expect during the interview process. Pre-screen Interview.
  3. Welcome to Citi. We’re thrilled to have you join the team! The Offer.

Is Citigroup a good company to work for?

Citigroup is a great place to work. The leadership is very progressive and takes action when needed. My coworkers are very friendly and make me feel very comfortable. Citi is a great place with excellent benefits and great work life balance for everyone.

Whats it like to work at Citi?

Citi is a highly professional work environment. I had an excellent career, with loads of training and on the job support from senior colleagues. more importantly, there is a very helpful and active ex-Citi bankers network, which I see as an invaluable lifetime asset.

What’s it like to work for Citibank?

Citi is really good place to work overall but, there is a lot of stress that comes with the job and work/life balance can be hard to maintain even at lower levels of responsibility. There are a lot of networks that are culturally based and it is the kind of place you can be yourself as a whole.

Why would you like to join Citi?

Citi is an amazing place to work. It’s really meritocratic and good guys get their due. The peer group is excellent and the opportunity to learn is really great! I love working for Citi and would strongly recommend Citi for people who have big goals in their professional life.

What’s new at Citi at 25 Canada Square?

Citi will completely refurbish the 42-storey office block at 25 Canada Square in London Docklands over the next three years and create flexible work and collaboration spaces, alongside wellbeing zones for employees, to reflect the changing nature of work.

What is the name of the two buildings in Citigroup Centre?

The two buildings in the Citigroup Centre are affectionately known as Oliver 1 and Oliver 2 by Canary Wharf employees. After the bank had leased 33 Canada Square, it returned to Canary Wharf and asked “can we have some more please?”. 25 Canada Square was the result.

Where is the Citibank in Canada Square?

At the moment, the bank is spread across 25 Canada Square and 33 Canada Square, where its trading floor is based. All of its 9,000 London staff will relocate temporarily to 33 Canada Square and another nearby building until the skyscraper refurbishment is complete in 2025. The planned promenade with a winter garden in the Citi tower.

Why work at Citi Canada?

Citi Canada’s technology team is growing at lightning speed, and we’re looking for talented technologists to help build the future of global banking at our largest and most vibrant Canadian location. Our teams are creating innovations used across the globe – we’re changing the way people bank and how the world does business.