Is Dota 2 really dying?

Is Dota 2 really dying?

it is really dying. People try to comfort themselves by seeing the chart for each month, and indeed, there is an increase and decrease. However, just make them see the all-time graph, you can clearly see that DoTA2 player right now is half of before. It is not dying as it will close soon but on its way to it if this keeps up.

Is Dota 2 really balanced?

DotA 2 is not, and will never be balanced. Let me tell you why. The game is designed such that A LOT of strategies can work if played right.

How to defeat axe in Dota 2?

– Sun Ray allows Phoenix to heal any allies caught in Berserker’s Call, while burning away Axe’s high HP at the same time. – Icarus Dive and Fire Spirits puts Axe’s Blink Dagger on cooldown. – Axe’s slow attack speed makes it difficult for him to destroy Supernova on his own.

How to add friend in Dota 2?

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