Is Beat related to Goku?

Is Beat related to Goku?

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, Beat is revealed to be a Earthling/Saiyan hybrid descendant of Goku (and by extension his wife Chi-Chi the mother of his two children), though it is unclear whether he is descended from Goten’s branch or Gohan and Pan’s branch.

Who did Goku have a kid with?


Is Bulla a Super Saiyan?

Just imagine how strong Vegeta was when Bulla was conceived compared to when Trunks was. He was hardly a super Saiyan at the time and now…he’s a Super Saiyan God! That would mean that Bulla has God Ki genetics. She was a little egg, fertilized with God Ki.

What is the son family in Dragon Ball?

The Son family also known as the Goku Family, is the main family in Dragon Ball, and consists of six known members, plus extended family and an unspecified number of unnamed members. This is one of the two families in the series to have the Earthling and Saiyan bloodlines (the other being the Brief family ).

What is Dragon Ball Z about?

Dragon Ball Z continues the adventures of Son Goku in his adult life as he and his companions defend the Earth against villains including aliens ( Vegeta, Frieza ), androids ( Cell ), and magical creatures ( Majin Buu ). At the same time, the story parallels the life of his son, Gohan, as well as the development of his rivals, Piccolo and Vegeta .

What is Son Goku’s real name in Dragon Ball Super?

The Son family is introduced in the series with the character Son Goku, whose name is the Japanese on’yomi rendering of Sun Wukong, a character from popular Chinese and Japanese cultures. Unlike most associated characters, the Son family does not have a theme of naming.

How many Dragon Ball Z soundtracks are there?

Dragon Ball Z has released a series of 21 soundtracks as part of the Dragon Ball Z Hit Song Collection Series. In total, dozens of releases exist for Dragon Ball Z which includes Japanese and foreign adapted releases of the anime themes and video game soundtracks.