Is Batman vs Superman Good Reddit?

Is Batman vs Superman Good Reddit?

I enjoyed it very much, and was shocked by how negative the reception for it was. I understand that its very dark, serious, and slow paced, but I felt it was also very well acted, interesting and at least DIFFERENT.

Is Batman vs Superman worth watching?

Originally Answered: How is the Batman vs Superman movie, is it worth watching? Speaking quite honestly, it’s one of the ‘least” interesting superhero movies from Marvel’s. If you are a superhero fan (Either Batman or Superman), then yes it’s worth watching.

Why do people think Batman v Superman is good?

Batman v Superman takes us down into the depths of darkness and grimness, but it also makes sure to take us out of it. It shows us that there is a love so great that it would sacrifice itself for others, and that a sacrifice like that can save a man from even the darkest depths of his own soul.

Is Batman v Superman Ultimate cut better?

The Ultimate Edition of Batman V Superman is thankfully a much better version than what we got in cinemas. It adds quite a bit of content and thankfully, everything that was added feels essential to making this movie make more sense.

How long is BvS Ultimate Edition?

2h 31mBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Ultimate Edition / Running time

What’s the difference between Batman versus Superman and Batman versus Superman Ultimate Edition?

The Ultimate Edition offers actual context as to why Lois Lane is here and who Jimmy Olsen is, along with fleshing out the killings. The bodies are burned so they resemble victims of Superman’s heat vision. Lex Luthor’s means of framing Clark in the Ultimate Edition makes far more sense than the theatrical cut.

Are BvS misunderstood?

It is well reported that the Ultimate Cut of “BvS” was more than just a “Lord of the Rings-eque” extended edition. Not only were scenes integral to character development added back into the film, but scenes were also rearranged in a way to make the flow feel better and less jarring.

Is Batman objectively better than Superman?

batman is superior to superman in some other critical areas when discussing their fictional characterhood, mainly batman’s better movie portrayals and more entertaining films, batman’s larger and…

How bad is Batman vs Superman?

Well, it turns out, pretty bad. Where does Batman v Superman’s mauling leave Warner’s plan for a DC comics cinematic universe? Despite the 30% Rotten Tomatoes score, you probably rushed out and gobbled up this picture with the reckless abandon of DJ Khaled confronted with a horse trough full of fried chicken.

What were the best parts of Batman v Superman?

– The ones who love it are just hardcore fans of the DC universe.. The problem with these people is that – They would probably give up their life for DC. (Don’t) – They probably love Ryan’s Green Lantern and Clooney’s Batman. No comments. – They probably hate Marvel fans. – The ones who hate it are probably hardcore fans of

Is Batman v. Superman a misunderstood masterpiece?

tl;dr: It’s boring and hard to sit through. Good grief, it is not some misunderstood masterpiece that only 10 people understood. Not even close to a masterpiece, it was a bore and almost universally disliked. Not even remotely true (specifically concerning your “universally disliked” statement).