Is a Honda Pan European shaft drive?

Is a Honda Pan European shaft drive?

About This Bike: – Lovely Honda ST1300 Pan European with full touring luggage. Low maintainence shaft driven with a silky smooth V4 engine that allows for bags of low down torque to punch you to your favourite touring destination; Solo, two-up, loaded with camping gear nothing phases the Pan European.

When did Honda stop making the Pan European?

Honda ST1300 Pan European Bike Overview It was also the first bike with an optional safety-biased traction control system and ABS, available from 1992-on. By 2002 though, the 1100 was getting on a bit, so Honda replaced it with the fuel-injected STX1300 Pan European.

What engine is in a Pan European?

Honda ST1300 Pan-European Engine and Transmission Technical Data
Engine type – Number of cylinders V4, four-stroke
Engine details
Fuel system Injection. PGM-FI with automatic enricher circuit, four-36mm throttle bodies, 8 holes per injector
Engine size – Displacement – Engine capacity 1261.00 ccm (76.95 cubic inches)

How long is a Honda Pan European?

2285mm x 935mm 1405mm
Honda ST1100 Pan European (1990-2001) Specification:

Used price From £1,300-£3,000
Rear tyre 160/70 – 17
Rake/Trail 27.5°/101mm
Dimensions 2285mm x 935mm 1405mm (LxWxH)
Wheelbase 1555mm

How heavy is a Honda Pan European?

Honda ST 1300 Pan European

Make Model Honda ST 1300 Pan European
Dry Weight 286 kg / 631 lbs – ABS 289 kg / 637 lbs
Wet Weight 331 kg / 730 lbs
Fuel Capacity 29 Liters / 7.7 US gal
Consumption Average 19.8 km/lit / 46.7 mp/g

What replaced the Honda Pan European?

2002: Honda ST1300 Pan European as replacement for Honda ST1100 Pan European.

When did Honda stop making ST1300?

Production continued through the 2012 model year. In November 2013, following deletion of the ST1300 from the model line, Honda announced the CTX1300, a cruiser motorcycle powered by a version of the ST1300’s engine modified for better fuel economy and increased torque at low RPMs.

Is the Honda ST1300 Pan European V4 a good engine?

Engine 5 out of 5. The Honda ST1300 Pan European’s DOHC V4 is the last of the great Honda V4s – and with its trademark smooth, turbine-like power, there’s no mistaking it for anything else. Any gear, any time the Honda ST1300 Pan European is ready for action with no fuss, just effortless delivery.

Are pan europeans still in use?

After Shreeve’s death the Pan European was tested with comprehensive safety checks and in one such test an examiner broke his leg and fractured both wrists after being thrown from the bike that got into an identical high speed weave. There are still 450 Honda ST1300 Pan Europeans in operation with police forces across the country.

How reliable are Pan bikes?

My second Pan, the first was an 02. Both have been 100% reliable. Not a hiccup out of either bike in 6 years of ownership. Tyre pressure check and add fuel between services. That’s all. It just goes. My 09 has ABS and heated grips. They both work. Annual servicing cost: £150 Been riding bikes since I was old enough and I’m now 65.