Is a Garmin R10 worth it?

Is a Garmin R10 worth it?

The bottom line is that the Approach R10 is accurate enough for the overwhelming majority of golfers. If you’re a professional club fitter, of course you’re going to want perfect spin numbers. If you’re a Tour Pro, it’s natural that you would want perfect accuracy when measuring your practice.

How accurate is the Garmin R10?

Garmin’s self-advertised accuracy ranges are +/- 3 MPH for club speed, 1 MPH for ball speed, 1 degree for launch angle and launch direction, and 5 yards for carry distance. We’ve found that throughout an entire range session, this holds true.

Does Garmin R10 show ball flight?

This is the default view where it will show a 3D screen with shot tracer of your ball flight, and gives you 3 customizable stats. I have mine set to Total Distance, Carry Distance, and Spin Rate. Video: You can setup the R10 to record video on all of your shots for easy storage and playback.

Is the Garmin R10 a GPS?

As well as being a launch monitor, the R10 will also act as a GPS device on the course. This means it can be used for any golf occasion and not just for practice on the range.

What does Garmin Approach R10 measure?

Garmin R10 measures clubhead speed, which is the velocity of the golf club at the moment before impact with the ball. Club speed is another critical factor in determining the total distance that your golf ball will travel, though strike quality, launch angle and spin numbers are equally important.

Does Garmin R10 record video?

The Swing Capture feature allows you to use your paired smartphone’s camera to automatically record videos of your swings during a Driving Range session. You can view the recorded swings and associate them with the advanced swing metrics recorded for that shot.

Is Garmin R10 waterproof?

This device requires a paired compatible smartphone downloaded with the Garmin Golf app. Requires active subscription on the Garmin Golf app….

Dimension 3.50″ x 2.80″ x 1″ (88.50 x 70.25 x 25 mm) without tripod
Battery life Up to 10 hours
Water rating IPX7
Interface USB

Is Mevo plus better than Garmin R10?

Accuracy & Performance Comparison Drivers – On average, the Garmin Approach R10 was more accurate on drives but the Mevo Plus was not very far behind. Outdoors, the Garmin Approach R10 was very accurate with drives – to within 2 yards on average. The Mevo Plus was accurate with drives to within 3 yards outdoors.

Can Garmin R10 connect to TV?

With the purchase of the Approach R10 launch monitor you can unlock the Garmin Golf Simulator. This allows you to simulate a driving range and play virtual courses in Home Tee Hero. Your mobile device can be mirrored or casted to smart TVs.

How accurate is Mevo plus?

The point is that in testing Mevo+ against your typical distance numbers, against other launch monitors, and out on the course, Mevo+ is impressively accurate. It’s rarely more than 3-4 yards off what I’d expect. And it also seems to be accurate with the woods.

What does the Garmin R10 measure?

Is the Garmin approach R10 worth it?

Overall the Garmin Approach R10 is very easy to set up and generally accurate. It’s also addicting to use and helps gamify your dull range session. But, with some additional integration, it could be excellent. Garmin has a whole suite of golf and fitness products at this time, from golf/activity watches to the CT10 club sensors.

How accurate are the specs on the R10?

Garmin’s specs on the R10 indicate a range of +/- 5 yards for carry distance, +/- 1mph for ball speed, +/- 3mph for clubhead speed, and within 1 degree of launch angle/direction. I also found that a few topped hybrids had inaccurate carry distances.

How good is the R10 as a monitor?

With the R10, you will very rarely have situations where a data point here or there is a little wonky. This is normal and to be expected for a sub-$1000 launch monitor.

How much does the R10 cost?

This is the R10’s biggest selling point. Never before have you been able to get this level of data measurement and golf simulation for less than $1000. The portable R10 is designed to be easy to move from the home to the driving range, and it’s held with a convenient magnetic tripod mount.