Is a 12V or a 24V trolling motor better?

Is a 12V or a 24V trolling motor better?

12-volt trolling motors are usually less powerful than 24V motors. They are not suitable for larger and heavier boats. Higher voltage systems, such as 24V or 36V tend to be more powerful and more efficient, due to the lower current flowing through the cables at the same power output.

Are 24V trolling motor good?

That’s to say, you may expect more power, longer range, and runtime from a 24V trolling motor since the 24-volt battery bank has 2x more battery capacity than 12v motors. Besides that, even at the same thrust, a 24v trolling motor is more efficient with a lower amp draw than 12v which also makes it lasts longer.

How fast does a 12 volt trolling motor go?

5 mph
Higher thrust 12V trolling motors are designed for bigger heavier boats with larger payloads. The maximum speed of a trolling motor is 5 mph regardless of how many pounds of thrust.

How much horsepower does a 12V trolling motor have?

Trolling motors are rated in pounds of thrust. As a rule of thumb 72 to 75lb. of thrust roughly equals one horsepower or 746W of electrical power. A typical 12V motor that draws 60A consumes approximately 720W.

Can I run a 24V trolling motor on 12V?

Either go 12 volt or add another battery and run the rated 24 volt. It wont hurt your motor. Most newer ones will not even turn over because the circuit board senses less than 22 volts (dead 24v system). Old ones will turn over but you will have half power.

Will a 24V trolling motor last longer than a 12v?

The answer is no. They will use the same energy because they have to do the same work. If not, we would just buy larger motors and run them at slow speed to make the batteries last longer.

How long will a 24v trolling motor run?

This will give you maximum speed and power and is often necessary on a large boat, or in strong winds. Thus, if you operate your trolling motor at maximum speed, you will typically get about 2 hours of use from a fully charged pair of “average” batteries. Possibly 4 hours of use for the larger extra capacity batteries.

How long will group 24 battery last in a trolling motor?

6-8 hours seems reasonable with an older motor. Battery group size could play a role in life but on a 12v older power drive a 24 to 27 group battery running between 6-8 hours is in line with where you can expect yourself to be.

What is the best trolling motor for small boats?

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What kind of motor do you need for a Sevylor inflatable boat?

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What kind of battery is in a trolling motor battery box?

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What is the best battery for Sevylor Minn Kota?

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