How to get to durian Mpire (Bukit Panjang Plaza) in Petir Road?

How to get to durian Mpire (Bukit Panjang Plaza) in Petir Road?

Walk about 249 meters from Exit A – Petir Rd to Durian Mpire (Bukit Panjang Plaza), walking time is around 5 mins. What are the nearest bus stations to Durian Mpire (Bukit Panjang Plaza)? Bt Panjang Plaza (bus stop no 44639) is 41 meters away around 1 mins walk, bus service no 972, 973, 920, 922 will stop in this bus stop.

Where to buy durian in Singapore?

Durian Empire aims to offer the tastiest and best durian fruits at the most affordable prices, and that is what they are doing—no fuss, no muss. While the space of Durian Empire is not as fancy looking as other durian cafes in Singapore, their area is warm, inviting and spacious.

What is your review of durian Empire-Punggol?

If I can give ten stars, Durian Empire – Punggol deserves them! I have made 3 purchases so far and instead of just meeting our (and office) expectations, they exceeded beyond what we expected from normal durian sellers. Durians are fresh, creamy and absolutely delicious.

How much does Musang King durians cost?

You can place your orders by visiting their site and emailing or calling them. Delivery spots are open at 12 AM daily. – 1 box (S$49.90) – 2 boxes (S$ 89.90) – 3 boxes (S$ 119.90) Free Delivery Available Please take note that each box of their Musang King Durians contains a net weight of more than 430 grams.

What is durian Mpire?

So, I recently stumbled upon Durian Mpire. Durian Mpire not only specializes in providing high quality Durian, but they decided to up their Durian game by creating scrumptious desserts made from only the freshest ad tastiest Durian there is.

Are Durian Empire D24 and Pahang MSW any good?

We ordered the D24 and Pahang MSW from Durian Empire today. Their response was fast and durians delivered within the time slot as promised. As for the durians, nothing much to comment about the D24 but the Pahang MSW is simply one of the best MSW we have ever tried. The flesh was thick, creamy and bitter, leaving a stong aftertaste.