How old is Rama Jamas?

How old is Rama Jamas?

Aside from food services at courses, the 51-year-old didn’t have much restaurant experience. But that’s not unlike Lewis, who sold his part of the Houndstooth bar back in 1993, then tried unsuccessful food concerns with Birmingham partners.

Who owns Rama Jamas?

owner Michael Hebron
Sitting in the empty dining room surrounded by Alabama football relics, Rama Jama’s owner Michael Hebron sounded defiant. Roy Orbison’s “Only the Lonely” played to only a crowd of a few workers scurrying from the kitchen to serve those at the walk-up window of the classic Tuscaloosa diner.

When was Rama Jamas established?

September 1996
Rama Jama’s first opened its doors in September 1996 and the Alabama “A” was added to its outdoor decor sometime in the few years following, Lewis said, to the best of his memory.

Who owns Rama Jama Tuscaloosa?

Michael Hebron
But there are some changes coming for the iconic business. The restaurant has been sold to a new owner. After 21 years of operating Rama Jama’s, Gary Lewis has decided to step down and let new owner Michael Hebron take over. “It’s a bitter sweet moment, you hear that from people in my position,” Lewis said.

How long has Rama Jama been in Tuscaloosa?

But Rama Jama’s isn’t just for Saturdays in the fall – it’s a year-round Tuscaloosa staple. Rama Jama’s, a restaurant on Paul W. Bryant Drive serving breakfast food, burgers and hotdogs since 1996, has been owned and operated by Gary Lewis for nearly 21 years.

When was Rama Jama built?

When was Rama Jamas founded?

Rama Jama’s was founded in 1996 when Lewis transformed a gas station and convenience store by Bryant-Denny Stadium.

What happens if Alabama plays Rammer Jammer?

If Rammer Jammer is played by Alabama’s Million Dollar Band, you’re losing. The taunting song was originally sung with two different versions, one before kickoff and one after the game, but now is only played when an Alabama Crimson Tide victory is within reach.

What is the Rammer-Jammer?

The Rammer-Jammer was a student humor magazine published on campus back in the 1920s. For nearly three decades, the magazine celebrated UA with cartoons, jokes and articles written by some of Alabama’s most famous students, including Harper Lee, the author of “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

What is the origin of the Alabama Rammer Jammer cheer?

The Origin of Alabama’s ‘Rammer Jammer’ Cheer. Something I felt needed to be added to my other football pages: The “Rammer Jammer Cheer” is a traditional and controversial cheer which taunts the Crimson Tide’s football opponents. It typically is played towards the end of a game when an Alabama victory is certain.

Is Alabama’s ‘Rammer Jammer’ chant Better Than the Million Dollar Band?

Good luck finding many traditions better — or more hated, depending on which side of the scoreboard you’re on — than Alabama’s Rammer Jammer chant. If Rammer Jammer is played by Alabama’s Million Dollar Band, you’re losing.