How old is my Coleman stove?

How old is my Coleman stove?

Lanterns and stoves made from about 1951 to present are usually stamped on the bottom of the fount. You will see two sets of numbers; the number on the left is the month and the one on the right is the year of manufacture.

What is the difference between a Coleman 220 and 228?

There isn’t a lot of difference between the 220 and 228, save the size of the reflector, which is larger on the 228. They are both two-mantle gasoline models and were made concurrently for many years with numerous small variations as time passed.

What year is Coleman 220E?

Coleman models 228E (left) and 220E (right) had steel founts. The one on the left, in Dean DeGroff’s collection, is date stamped July 1951, the earliest date we have seen for this model.

What years were the Coleman 200a made?

The Coleman 200a was produced until 1983 and in its final three years of production, was painted the same shade of green as other Coleman lanterns.

When was the Coleman 425 stove made?

The Model 425 series stoves were made by Coleman for several decades beginning in the 1940’s. This Model 425E, in Monte Dodge’s collection, is dated July, 1973 on the tabs that hold the tank on the case.

What color are Coleman stoves?

Use a Consistent Color Surface paint for the stove itself, which is usually the same original forest green, should be heat resistant as well; however, some areas of the case have less heat exposure.

When was Coleman 220F made?

Coleman Lantern

A lit Coleman model 220F lantern
Inventor William Coffin Coleman
Inception 1914
Manufacturer Coleman Company
Current supplier Coleman Company

When was Coleman 413g made?

The Coleman 413g is a made in the USA powerhouse. Built in Wichita, Kansas between 1965-1969 this unit is an absolute unit. It was built to stand the test of time and it has. Over 55 years later this Coleman stove is still a quick, easy and affordable way to cook.

What year was the first Coleman lantern made?

The Coleman Lantern is a line of pressure lamps first introduced by the Coleman Company in 1914. This led to a series of lamps that were originally made to burn kerosene or gasoline. Current models use kerosene, gasoline, Coleman fuel (white gas) or propane and use one or two mantles to produce an intense white light.

What kind of fuel does a Coleman 425 stove use?

Answer: You can safely burn unleaded gasoline or Coleman fuel in a Coleman ‘Classic’ stove. Coleman stoves and lanterns were designed for unleaded gasoline (excepting certain models that use Kerosene, and are so labeled).

What kind of stove is a 502 Coleman stove?

Coleman stove Model 502 is common as a used model in the US. This one, dated May, 1972, was only used a few times and came with the original box and papers. The ribs on the collar match the ribs on the base rests of Coleman lantern models 220F and 228F, from this same period.

Is this Coleman stove in Suzanne Kennison’s collection?

This stove is in Suzanne Kennison’s collection. This Model 476.74970 for Sears is the two burner version of Model 476.74980 below. This stove, in John Stendahl’s collection, is date stamped May 1967. Coleman made this 3-burner stove for Sears as Model 476.74980.

What kind of fuel does a Coleman stove burn?

Coleman made two versions of this marine/trailer stove in the early 1950s: Model 345 burned kerosene and Model 348 burned alcohol. This undated Model 348 is in Carl Tucker’s collection.

When did Coleman make the 425c stove?

Coleman’s made the 425C stove in the mid-1960’s. The stove is not date stamped but the instruction sheet has a printer’s date code of 1963. The tank is now painted red and the legs fold under stove during operation. This stove is in Suzanne Kennison’s collection. This Model 476.74970 for Sears is the two burner version of Model 476.74980 below.