How old is Goldie Lookin Chain?

How old is Goldie Lookin Chain?

The 41-year-old was one eighth of the comedic rap group known for their hits Guns Don’t Kill People, Rappers Do and Your Missus Is A Nutter. But now, he’s taken up a position with a top Welsh financial services company.

Where do Goldie Lookin Chain come from?

Newport, United KingdomGoldie Lookin Chain / OriginNewport is a city and county borough in Wales, situated on the River Usk close to its confluence with the Severn Estuary, 12 miles northeast of Cardiff. With a population of 145,700 at the 2011 census, Newport is the third-largest authority with city status in Wales, and seventh most populous overall. Wikipedia

How many people are in Goldie Lookin Chain?

There was probably a crew of about 30 of us, all into the same tunes.

Is Goldie Lookin Chain Welsh?

Goldie Lookin Chain are a Welsh comedy hip hop group from Newport, south-east Wales.

Is maggot still in Goldie Lookin Chain?

Maggot has now left Goldie Lookin Chain to pursue other interests. He currently works as a financial advisor.

Who is the lead singer of Goldie Lookin Chain?

Meanwhile lead singer Xian (real name Rhys Hutchings), has taken on a career in politics – running to be a Labour councillor in 2012.

What group was maggot in?

Goldie Lookin ChainMaggot / Music group (Since 2000)

Is maggot still in GLC?

What happened to Goldie Lookin Chain?

Goldie Lookin’ Chain favourite Maggot has traded in his tracksuit and bling for a job as a financial advisor. The Welsh rapper has officially gone mainstream and has landed himself a job in Newport Wales, looking dapper in a business suit on the daily.

What does it mean when someone calls you a maggot?

noun. 1. A term of insult for a ‘worthless’ person, as if a bug. Drop and give me fifty, maggot.

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Are there any Welsh rappers?

Astroid Boys are flying the flag for Cardiff Comprised of Traxx, Benji and Dellux, they carve a unique place in the scene, sitting somewhere between punk, rap and grime, and making them one of Britain’s most interesting artists to emerge in recent times.