How much is social work bursary UK?

How much is social work bursary UK?

The basic bursary rates are: £4,862.50 if you attend a university outside of London. £5,262.50 if you attend a university within the London area.

How much is the NHS bursary?

Current rates for the 2019 to 2020 academic year are: £3,354 for students studying in London and living away from home. £2,389 for students studying outside London and away from home. £1,793 for students living at home.

What is a social work bursary?

Social work bursaries are available to eligible social work students who: don’t get funding from their employer. are studying an approved undergraduate or postgraduate course in social work. don’t already have a higher education social work qualification.

Do social work students get a bursary Scotland?

Scottish Social Services Council Bursary. Postgraduate Bursaries are available for nominated and eligible students studying the MSc Social Work at UWS. This is administered through the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC). Funding is limited and subject to a quota.

How do I appeal my NHS bursary?

If you wish to appeal, you should contact us within 3 months from the date on the rejection letter. We may consider appeals received after 3 months, under exceptional circumstances. You must outline your reason for making the appeal.

Who qualifies for social work bursary?

Eligibility criteria You must be studying either the Social Work BSc and have progressed into your second year of study, or the Social Work MSc. You must be a UK* student.

Do you get NHS bursary every year?

You must reapply for your bursary every academic year. There are different ways to apply if you’re from Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

What bursaries are available for postgraduate social work students?

Postgraduate social work students can apply for a bursary to help them with their living costs. If you’re eligible for a bursary we’ll also pay a contribution of £4,052 towards your tuition fees per academic year. A postgraduate social work bursary is:

Who are we responsible for assessing and paying NHS bursaries?

We are responsible for assessing and paying NHS Bursaries, Social Work Bursaries and the Learning Support Fund to eligible pre-registration students studying on healthcare, medical, dental or social work courses. We administer the bursaries on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care.

Can I apply for the NHS Bursary with a second degree?

For students who start an undergraduate medical or dental course as a second degree and join in a later study year (e.g. the second year of the course instead of first as your last degree gave you an advanced start), you’d still be able to apply for the NHS Bursary from the fifth official course year.

What is the NHSBSA?

The NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) is a Special Health Authority and an Arm’s Length Body of the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC).  We provide a range of critical central services to NHS organisations, NHS contractors, patients and the public.